Brye Anne Russillo 

Kiss My Cannoli Filled Ass: Brye Anne Russillo Returns to The Ring

Photos Courtesy of Pablo Silva.

“Kiss my Cannoli Filled Ass,” Brye Anne Russillo shouted at the camera during an interview with reporter Kyle Carroll.

Russillo, the internet’s number one crush is stepping back inside the ring in the coming months. After trading in her old coach for a much higher qualified trainer, Russillo now works with seven-time world champion kickboxer, Bobby Campbell.

Brye Anne Russillo 
Brye Anne Russillo Photo Courtesy of Pablo Silva


Russillo, a single-mother, powers her way through life with an F-you attitude, which is part of her attracting charm. Even with her bold personality, Russillo is a sweet and determined woman. Focused on her mission at hand and ambitious enough to follow through. “Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat”

After becoming an overnight internet sweetheart as a result of her being quoted by My MMA News back in September 2015, “I can’t cut my tits off and put them on the side,” in addition to “they weigh 12 pounds.” At the time Russillo was preparing for Paige DiBartolo at Aggressive Combat Championship 12. The two fighters still have bad blood between them, prompting Russillo to yell “Kiss my cannoli filled ass,” which drew a strong laugh from a female bartender at The Greene Turtle in Smithtown, New York, where the interview was conducted. DiBartolo won a decision victory over Russillo in 2015.

Brye Anne Russillo 
Brye Anne Russillo Sparring Photo Courtesy of Pablo Silva


Russillo is returning to the ring against an unknown opponent at this moment, in a 145-147-pound bout. Russillo has been training for this Jackhammer Promotions English Invasion 3 featured fight since December. The event is scheduled for April 15, 2018, at Mulcahy’s in Wantagh, New York.

The single-mother is showing class and passion for the sport as she plans to donate all of her ticket sale money to a Domestic Violence charity that recognizes the different severity of abuse. In amateur combat sports, fighters don’t earn a purse for fighting but most promotions give a percentage of ticket sales to each fighter based on the amount they sell. Russillo is and always has been a high ticket seller.

Russillo started up her Facebook fan page, which can be found by searching Brye Anne. In addition, she has created a new Instagram page as well, @the_real_brye_anne.

Be sure to go check her out in her K1 return at Jackhammer Promotions on April 15, 2018. Also make sure to follow My MMA News on social media for all the updates regarding the internet’s number one crush, Brye Anne Russillo.

Watch the entire interview with Brye Anne Russillo below by clicking on the link.




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