Chuck Liddell and Jon Jones come face to face

Chuck Liddell and Jon Jones come face to face

Chuck Liddell and Jon Jones Come Face to Face

Former UFC light heavyweight champion and UFC Hall of Famer, Chuck Liddell has been nothing short of critical of the man who held the title in his division several years later, Jon Jones.

In 2014 Liddell told FOX Sports “I think I would have been a horrible matchup for him,” Liddell told FOX Sports. “I would have walked through his punches and he wouldn’t have caught me with anything.”

Then last year there was this: “He fights too safe,” Liddell said of Jones. “Here’s the problem. Like GSP [Georges St-Pierre]. I love GSP. He’s a great fighter. He makes some really good guys look stupid, but he doesn’t try to finish fights. He likes to go out, beat you, follow the game plan, make sure he wins the fight.

“I understand that from a manager or coach’s standpoint, but from a fan’s standpoint? I don’t want to watch it. I don’t want you to go out and do just enough to win. I don’t mind if you win by decision but I just want you to try to finish him. Go after him. Try to hurt him.”

The two former champions came face to face in Las Vegas, Saturday night at UFC 196.

Whether the two have finally settled their differences and this confrontation was purely for entertainment sake or not remains to be seen but it does ponder the question, “Who would have won if the two fought in their prime?”

Jones posted the photo below with the caption: “Glad I had a chance to talk things out with Chuck tonight.”

Liddell posted a different angle to the meeting and wrote:  “Oh really? What now @jonnybones? Let’s do this.”


Oh really??? What now @jonnybones let do this 👊🏻😝

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