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Conor McGregor misses court date due to illness, “dangerous driving” charges pending

Former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor was due in the Blanchardstown District Court in Dublin, Ireland, today but was not present at the fifth hearing of the dangerous driving case presented against him.

The reason for McGregor’s absence according to lawyer David Staunton is that the 34-year-old UFC star visited his General Practice doctor this morning and was diagnosed with “influenza.”  Staunton presented a letter from the doctor confirming McGregor’s illness to Judge David McHugh.

McGregor was charged last year with two counts of dangerous driving and was subsequently hit with four further charges, which relate to allegedly driving without a license and insurance, as well as failing to produce a license and insurance within 10 days of the alleged incident.

“Mystic Mac” was driving his 191 Bentley Continental GT, worth around €170,000 or $206,000 USD, at the time of the alleged offenses in March 2022. In September of the same year, McGregor was hit with separate driving infractions.

McGregor was last before the court in November 2022 when Staunton asked for an adjournment of the case so he could put a proposal to the prosecution.

This morning, Staunton said that the parties “had been unable to resolve matters” and he was seeking a hearing date.

Judge McHugh adjourned the case to a date in December for hearing.

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