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Conor McGregors instagram

Conor McGregor’s Instagram tells tale, path to stardom

From Rags to Riches, a look inside Conor McGregor’s Instagram

The Betway Insider produced a great infographic detailing The Notorious’ lifestyle, according to Conor McGregor’s Instagram. Take a detailed look.

Conor McGregor's Instagram

The UFC lightweight champion, McGregor is easily the most popular mixed martial artist on the planet.  The only star that comes close is Ronda Rousey but even “Rowdy” hasn’t pulled off the numbers quite like the Irish MMA sensation.

McGregor will take on undefeated boxing sensation Floyd Mayweather Jr., in what is expected to be the biggest combat sports event in history on August 26.

Before he does however, the folks at Betway took a deep dive into the star’s Instagram to take a closer look at the roughly 1,200 photos posted to the account since June 2013.

From nearly being broke and on the verge of homelessness, McGregor was almost ready to call it quits.  His early Instagram numbers saw an average of about 25 posts a year.  Flash forward a few years later and he was surpassing that number on a monthly basis.  The tone of the posts have changed and rightly so.  McGregor now posts about his luxurious lifestyle, expensive cars, and watches, hanging out with celebrities, and more.

Where will the Notorious one’s social media postings go from here?

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