Cris Cyborg believes Holly Holm will be too quick for Kayla Harrison at UFC 300

Cris Cyborg and Holly Holm were once foes in the UFC, but now the two are training partners ahead of UFC 300.

Holm is set to take on Kayla Harrison at UFC 300 in a fight that poses a lot of questions and it should have a lot of eyes on it this weekend.

Cyborg and Harrison exchange words in the past and just when everyone thought there could be a massive fight between the two of them, Harrison jumped promotions over to the UFC.


Since Cyborg couldn’t fight Harrison herself, why not help Holm?

After putting in some great work with Holm over the last few months, Cyborg has been sharing her thoughts on the UFC 300 matchup on twitter with a series of tweets and she thinks it’s going to Holm’s speed that makes the difference in the fight.

“I think Holly Holm’s hand speed and foot speed are going to be too much at the new weight,” Cyborg wrote. “Kayla spent a lot of camp worried about taking muscle off when the problem is going to be speed. What did she do to increase her speed during camp?”

Cyborg is also believes that even if Holm gets takedown, she should be okay in the fight as long as she avoids damage.

“She can let Kayla get close, she just needs to punch and use angles. She can get taken down too she just can’t let Kayla do damage. Striking Holly will do damage.”

Anyone who has followed Holm’s career knows that she hasn’t looked like the fighter who won a UFC title back in 2016, but Cyborg feels that Holm has one last run in her.

“All great fighters have one last great fight. I believe this is one of those fights for Holly,” Cyborg tweeted.

Holm wasn’t the only fighter benefitting from the training sessions as Cyborg will be boxing at the end of the month.

Prior to joining the UFC, Holm was one of the best female boxers of all time.

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John Eric Poli