Curtis Millender

Curtis Millender Sees “Easy Night of Work” vs KB Bhullar at Unified MMA 50

Curtis Millender tests skills with KB Bhullar in a rematch at Unified MMA 50 on March 31st.

Millender appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts to discuss the machinations of this middleweight matchup, the succinct timeline the UFC vet has for hanging up the gloves, plus so much more. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Curtis Millender

Their first fight being a no contest from an inadvertent eye poke a bit over a minute and a half in and if any intel was collected on Bhullar that can be used in this rematch

“I definitely have enough information to go into the second fight. Completely comfortable that I’m going to be able to do whatever I want to him. Just the few exchanges we had, just watching his mannerisms, seeing how he reacted to my coach’s coaching. It’s going to be an easy night of work for me.”

“It’s just when guys, when fellow strikers, the one attribute that I feel that gives me an issue as far as striking goes, he doesn’t have that. I felt that in him. I’m not going to say it out loud but he doesn’t have that one attribute that can kind of put me on my heels a little bit as far as striking goes. So definitely if he plans to stand and be long and rangy with me, I’m going to have my way with him.”

Wishing the Unified MMA middleweight belt was attached to this contest

“I know he was the last champion even after he got back from the UFC. I’m not too sure why it’s not but you know, it is what it is. I’ll go out there and put on an impressive performance. Then go back later this year and get it from somebody else.”

Unified MMA 50

This being Millender’s last year of professional fighting overall

“Combat sports overall, you know, just take the competitor hat off. Focus on my kids and their development in their sports. I have some teammates that can really utilize my knowledge. It’s not the same. I sit around and I think about ok, let’s try to make one more round. But I think part of it is the compensation. I can’t put my family through that again. I sacrificed a lot. It was very expensive to put a run like I did together and get to the UFC.”

“It’s just not the same. My son wears a size twelve, you know. So I can’t bring home three or four thousand dollars a fight and take time off from working for me to try to make another run right now. Especially just being realistic being a 35-year-old man. UFC is not going to sign a 36-year-old guy when they’re signing 18-year-olds now, you know.”

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