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KB Bhullar

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KB Bhullar on Unified MMA 40 win and the road back to UFC

KB Bhullar bested Anton Tokarchuk via unanimous decision at Unified MMA 40.

The Bengal makes a relatively quick turnaround as he pivots his competitive focuses overseas.

I spoke with the Shaved Bears MMA product after his Unified MMA win. A few excerpts from our chat are below.

KB Bhullar

Anton Tokarchuk’s unorthodox combat approach

“He was super weird. It was like fighting like those inflatable tube men. It was literally like fighting one of those. You just hit him and hit him then poof, he goes down and he just absorbs it. Then he comes right back at you just flailing. It was weird. I’ve never seen a guy get away with fighting like that. Then part of me in my head is like hitting him with some heavy shots and I’m like Jesus Christ this guy won’t go down. But he was tough.”

“He could take it. But it was kind of like, I guess I’d imagine how Sean O’Malley must have felt with that (Kris) Moutinho guy. Just kept coming forward, eating big shots. Just kept coming forward, coming forward. So in the end, it’s like positionally he was aggressing. But you know you just keep getting hit and hit. It was more or less for me just a chance to get some batting practice at fighting well backward.”

Unified MMA

Being back on UFC Fight Pass for that Unified MMA bout after his relatively recent foray in the UFC

“It’s great that Unified is on UFC Fight Pass and whatnot. They’re just getting a broader scope to be able to showcase their product. For myself, I am very focused right now on just trying to grow and improve myself as a fighter. That’s my biggest concern. Doing the things that I need to work on to get better. And eventually, yes, absolutely, I want to make my return to UFC. But I don’t just want to go and succeed. So I have to take a close analysis of myself and realize what I need to do to get better. Once I’m able to do those things, and showcase them in fights, then I’ll be ready for that next step.”


Unified MMA 40

The Shaved Bears showing out at Unified MMA 40 and the duality of teammate outcomes

“Ultimately, you just have to be very happy for Graham (Park) for what he did. Beautiful victory on his part. And then for Neal (Anderson) obviously I was choked. Because I knew how hard he trained. I knew the work he put in to be able to get that opportunity. I feel like ultimately down the line, if he wants it, I think that rematch will be available to him. He gave him a hell of a fight. Both fighters did a great job, great toughness and grit shown by (Maged) Hammo to be able to secure the win that late. I mean, that’d be a fun fight to see again.”

“Ultimately, I try and be as even keel as I can with teammates on fight night. Especially when I’m fighting because I have to try my best to focus on myself. But it is tough because you really care about these guys. These guys are in there with you day in and day out. You’re working together to help each other get better. So you want the best for everybody but it is a cutthroat sport. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But in the end, you just got to be there for your boys and girls on the team as well.”

Parting thoughts for KB Bhullar

“No, man. Thank you so much for your time, Dylan. I appreciate it. I hope you have a great day too, my friend.”

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