Tanner Boser

Tanner Boser talks upcoming UFC on ESPN 12 bout

Tanner Boser takes on Philipe Lins at UFC on ESPN 12. It goes Saturday, June 27th at The UFC Apex. The heavyweight attraction goes down on the preliminary portion of the Las Vegas card. Lins looks to get back on track after losing to Andrei Arlovski and the 2018 PFL season winner is eager to get his first UFC win. Boser is looking to rebound in his own right after the former Unified MMA heavyweight champion/ M1 Global vet tasted defeat to Ciryl Gane in December of last year.

Below are some excerpts from my conversation with Tanner The Bulldozer Boser ahead of his first fight in 2020.

The COVID-19 testing processes/ travel alterations

“It’s just like a long Q-tip that they have to kind of touch the back of your throat with. It’s mildly uncomfortable for a second but it’s really not that bad.”

“The airports were dead. The planes had few people on them and the flight schedule was very dry. We had to take the milk run to get to Vegas. Edmonton, Vancouver, Seattle, Vegas. There was only three planes from Vancouver to the States.”

Gym Reopening, fight cancellation, and getting things back on track

“The gyms opened up, I think last Friday was the day. We were allowed to once again train with cohorts. They’ve made it so ambiguous. You have to make up definitions of things and then hope you’re right. It’s stupid as hell.”

“The Jeff Hughes fight got canceled. I was asking for another fight. They told me that they had a fight for me and it was Philipe Lins. I don’t know why Jeff Hughes didn’t still want the fight or couldn’t. I don’t know the situation in Ohio. Maybe he got out of shape, maybe something came up with his family, or he had to go to work. I have no idea.”

Boser Vs Lins

Thoughts on Philipe Lins as an opponent

“He has that black belt in Jiu-Jitsu. He’s good at it. He’s got some good submission wins. But he’s a striker. He considers himself a striker. He’s all around. He’s good everywhere and I have to be prepared to fight him everywhere. But he does favor the striking. He’s got a good jab and he’s got good combos. Hard punches, fast punches. He’s a good fighter and it should be a good, technical high pace heavyweight fight.”

Fight Boat to Fight Island

“If after this fight I’m good to go still, I wouldn’t oppose taking a short notice fight on Fight Island, man. I’d do it. But right now obviously I’ve got to see what happens in this fight. See how banged up I am afterward.”

Tanner Boser

His UFC arrival not necessarily being a dream of his

“I never had a specific dream. I like my lifestyle and I like fighting. This is a good scenario for me right now. What I’ve got going on. I would like to obviously stay in the UFC for a reasonable period of time. But I mean I’m only two fights in. Anything can happen. I could go on a big win streak. I could go on a losing streak. I’m a realistic guy. I want to stay in UFC and I want my pay to increase. So I can make an actual little bit of money out of it. That’s not the dream. That’s what I hope happens. If not, well I’ll figure it out. I don’t have a dream. I just like to live my life the way I do and be content.”

Two fights remaining on UFC contract

“If I win, maybe they want to extend my contract and lock me in before my final fight. If I lose, I’m positive they’re just going to let me fight my final fight before they decide if they want to resign me. So again lots hinging on this fight as it always does. The future of your contract, of your fight career, your immediate financial situation. The win bonus doubles your money. There’s tons riding on it at all times. It’s very high stakes. It’s just the way she is.”

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