Tanner Boser

Tanner Boser “I’m Still In For Fight Boat”

UFC heavyweight Tanner Boser took some time to speak to me towards the end of last month (March 26th). Boser was supposed to take on Jeff Hughes in a heavyweight attraction set for March 28th. Unfortunately for all involved in the event, the UFC Fight Night Columbus card was called off due to COVID-19 considerations. The Bulldozer discussed rampant MMA event cancellations affecting Shaved Bears, Fight Boat being the OG Fight Island, and deleting Skip The Dishes. Below are excerpts from throughout my latest talk with Boser.

UFC Columbus

“Obviously, I’m not working at clubs and I’m not training people because gyms are closed. I am just hanging tight like everybody else, dude, that’s all that’s going on.”

“Well, actually, I found out about the card being postponed via social media. We just kept checking social media because I mean, I didn’t think it was gonna happen to be honest. Dana White was insisting that all the fights were going to happen and they’d moved it to the UFC performance Institute with no crowd, but then that obviously that didn’t pan out either.”

Tanner Boser continued, “So I found out on I think it was a Monday, last Monday, so just over just over a week ago because I know I had done my strength and conditioning and it was like the final one of my final hard strength and conditioning and then I was kickboxing and right after that my coach turned on his phone and was like, well, your fights canceled man. So that is how and when I found out.”

Unified MMA 40 Called Off/ Rampant Gym Closures

“Well, everybody was definitely disappointed (about Unified MMA 40 being canceled). Yeah, but I mean, it doesn’t mean that canceling or postponing whatever word you want to use, right? Everybody’s got to redo a fucking training camp. So it’s canceled. Canceling it might have been the right thing to do. You know? I don’t think we have very many cases in Edmonton yet. But the government was saying not to do it. Enoch, reserve which is just outside of Edmonton, where they have the fight card, decided that they were going to adhere to the provisions put out by the government.”

Tanner Boser continued, “Cool, good. Like, you know, everybody’s doing the responsible thing. And everybody has to just accept it. Unfortunately. Yes, it sucks because that fight was literally two days away. Right, everybody was already getting ready to start cutting weight and stuff. Tons of guys on my team went and did the full complete training camp start to finish, we’re ready to fight in the zone in their head go into wins the next day. And then, you know, people were already cutting weight kinda right. And then fight gets canceled, but I mean, that’s just life. So whatever.”

“Yeah, I mean, the gym obviously all gyms are closed now. So they’re closed that’s gonna be hard on Little Sweatshop you know. It’s not a chain it’s a small business a local business. So hopefully the government comes up with some ways to help small businesses in some way because otherwise not only will the gyms in trouble but I mean shit, everybody’s gonna be in trouble.”

Bonnyville Donairs/ Skip The Dishes

“Well, I don’t live in my hometown anymore so it’s been quite a while since I hit up an Express Pizza Donair for Bonnyville as good of an idea as I would like to hang out with my brother. Also obviously is laid off and this is the best barbecuer ever. That’d be a great place to go chill for a while. I don’t want to go down there just in case. I  somehow have it. I’m like a silent carrier. You know, you don’t have any symptoms or something like that. So I don’t want to go down to Bonnyville just in case. Haven’t been able to hit up an Express Pizza Donair.”

Tanner Boser continued, “As for skip the dishes, I deleted skip the dishes quite a while ago. The prices kept going up and you have to tip the delivery guy because otherwise he won’t deliver it and I mean you got to tip the fella anyway because skip the dishes doesn’t pay him shit I guess. Then next thing you know you’re trying to get lunch and it’s like trying to get like a $15 lunch and it cost you 30 bucks. Just a little much if you’re ordering a big meal for like multiple people or something from somewhere then skip the dishes works well. But yeah, I’ll just call the individual restaurants and get them to deliver or I’ll pick it up or something like that. I don’t like skip the dishes.”

Fight Boat/ Fight Island

Speaking of getting paid, though, do you think you’ll ever get any residuals from if they do a UFC fight boat event. Because you conceptualized the whole thing.

“Well, although I thought of that, I think that a lot of people are saying that that was a trending thing on Reddit. Okay, I guess so I don’t go on Reddit but I don’t think I’d be able to claim it as my own idea because it had been floating around before that allegedly. But hey, man, I’m still in for fight boat.”

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