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Cynthia Arceo: “Very excited” for Invicta FC debut

Ahead of Invicta FC 38 this Friday night, Cynthia Arceo answers questions about how she feel about of facing Mallory Martin.

Long awaited, signing with Invicta, what was that like for you?

“It’s great! I’m honestly truly honored. It’s the best organization in the world for women, for women’s MMA. So, I’m very excited.”


Now that it’s here, what are the thoughts, and the feelings, as you head into this first fight with Invicta?

“I’m stoked. I think she’s a very game fighter, I think it’s going to be a great show. We are right before the co-main event. I’m sure she has the same boat as I do, to make sure that we put on a great fight; because the next fight is championship belt fight. So, let’s put on a better show.”


Having not been in action since February, what are the thoughts and how has the process been like on improving there, in the gym?

“I haven’t stopped training, it’s constant growth for me. So, it’s not a big difference, it actually makes me more hungry. To want to go in there and put on a show and show everything that I’ve learned. I appreciate everything that it takes to be in there, a lot more.”


Talk to me, a little bit, about perseverance, because I know there’s been a lot of it to get to this point. 

“Honestly, I truly believe that hard work pays off and it’s all in your head. It’s the Shotokan mentality. It’s hard work and pushing thru, never quitting and never giving up.”

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Invicta FC 38

UFC Fight Pass Card

  • Main Event – Flyweight Title Bout: (champ) Vanessa Porto (21-8) vs. Karina Rodriguez (8-3)
  • Co-Main Event – Vacant Strawweight Title Bout: Kanako Murata (10-1) vs. Emily Ducote (8-5)
  • Strawweight Bout: Mallory Martin (5-2) vs. Cynthia Arceo (5-1-1)
  • Flyweight Bout: Shanna Young (6-2) vs. Maiju Suotama (8-4)
  • Bantamweight Bout: Lisa Verzosa (4-0) vs. Kerri Kenneson (3-1)
  • Bantamweight Bout: Serena DeJusus (1-0) vs. Taneisha Tennant (1-0)

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