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Cyril Gane remains undefeated by beating Jairzinho Rozenstruik by unanimous decision

Cyril Gane remains undefeated by beating Jairzinho Rozenstruik by unanimous decision

Cyril Gane defeats Jairzinho Rozenstruik by unanimous decision.

The heavyweight division takes center stage for the second-straight week as Jairzinho Rozenstruik meets Cyril Gane at UFC Fight Night 186 on Saturday, Feb. 27.

Rozenstruik (11-1) bursted onto the scene in the UFC by winning his first four fights all by knockout. One of those wins was a last second come-from-behind victory over Alistair Overeem in December 2019. After a great start, Rozenstruik suffered his first professional loss to Francis Ngannou at UFC 249. Rozenstruik rebounded from his knockout loss to Ngannou by knocking out Junior dos Santos at UFC 252.

Gane (7-0) is a perfect 4-0 inside of the octagon. In his last outing, the frenchman also knocked out dos Santos. Aside from his UFC 256 win over dos Santos, Gane also holds wins over Raphael Pessoa, Don’Tale Mayes and Tanner Boser.

Here’s how the Rozenstruik and Gane fight went down with a round-by-round breakdown and scoring. For a full list of UFC Vegas 20 results, click here.

Round 1

The two big men touch gloves and the main event is underway.

Gane lands a fast quick jab and that’s the first strike of the fight. Rozenstruik comes forward after eating the shot, but doesn’t land anything.

After that jab, both men aren’t doing much as you can tell they both respect one another’s power.

The feeling out process continues as we comes to halfway point of the round.

Rozenstruik lands a big left hand and Gane quickly gets out of the way after taking the big shot.

Gane scores a nice right hand after Rozenstruik partially lands a few shot and after Gane lands the right hand, he pushes Rozenstruik against the fence.

With just over 30 seconds left, referee Herb Dean warns the two to work and Gane follows the instructions as Gane secures a takedown to close out the opening round.

Round 2

The two big guys are still feeling each other out. Not a lot of action so hard as one minute as already gone by in the round.

Gane controlling the octagon in this round throwing occasional leg kicks. Gane lands another long straight jab.

So far this round, Gane is looking for leg kicks. He’s starting to throw them more often and he’s landing them.

Gane still throwing leg kicks and landing. They aren’t heavy shots, but nonetheless they are landing.

With just over 90 seconds left in the round, Gane goes to the clinch and pushes Rozenstruik against cage and briefly gets a takedown.

After a scramble, Rozenstruik is back on his feet. The two hardly do anything after that scramble as the round ends.

MyMMANews scores it 10-9 Gane

Round 3

Gane lands a nice hook right out of the gate in round three. Now he lands two more leg kicks. After that he lands another big jab. Great opening minute for the frenchman.

Leg kick again. Rozenstruik swings hard and comes up empty after the leg kick. Both men then throw big shots and both partially find their target.

Dean warns to the two to do some work as they got long stretch without doing much.

Following the instructions, Gane lands another jab. Moments later, Gane lands a nice combination with both punches landing to Rozenstruik’s face.

Gane gets one more leg kick in the final seconds of the round.

MyMMANews scores it 10-9 Gane

Round 4

Another slow start to a round. Eventually Gane tries a flying knee and Rozenstruik swings and misses as he tries to counter it.

Gane controlling the octagon, but not thrown in a lackluster round.

Gane being active with leg kicks and he scores another nice jab and then follows up with another one.

Gane with an eye poke. He’s been warned a few times about them and he needs to be careful now or he’ll lose a point.

After a quick break in the action. Gane gets busy in the final minute and lands a few strikes including a nice over hand right.

MyMMANews scores it 10-9 Gane

Round 5

Gane is busy here in the last round. Comes out with jabs and leg kicks.

A high kick lands for Gane and another great jab.

Gane scoring with jabs before going to the clinch and pushing Rozenstruik against the cage. A few strikes land for Gane in the clinch.

The clinch breaks and the two return to the center of the octagon where Gane throws another leg kick.

Gane continues to pick apart Rozenstruik and after a few more jabs he goes to the clinch again and is trying for a takedown.

Gane still trying for a takedown and with 40 seconds left in the round he briefly gets one.

The two remain in the clinch and the fight comes to an end.

MyMMANews scores it 10-9 Gane

MyMMANews scorecard: 50-45 Gane

Official result: Cyril Gane defeats Jairzinho Rozenstruik by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)

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