Dana White: “I would love to see Tony [Ferguson] retire”

When the boss says it’s time to hang them up, it might be time to hang them up. In his post-fight interview, Dana White expressed that sentiment on Tony Ferguson losing to Paddy Pimblett at UFC 296.

Dana White says Tony Ferguson should retire

These words come off as harsh, but with seven losses on the trot, it may be warranted. After his loss to Justin Gaethje, Tony Ferguson has not looked good. He’s repeatedly taken punishment but is insistent on returning to fight and calling out fighters like Khabib who has been retired since 2020.

Ferguson, on the other hand, looks like he wants to keep fighting. On his Instagram stories, he said the following:

Love my fans and supporters. You are all f****** fire. I met lots of you tonight, keep the faith MF’s. One foot in front of the other b******. Remember what I said crew — Champ.

Fighters have taken this type of turn in the UFC.  The promotion keeps giving them fights, perhaps out of contractual obligation. But they could cut Ferguson, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t go fight somewhere else.

Tony Ferguson had ex-Navy SEAL David Goggins in his corner for the fight this weekend. The training didn’t do him any good. Ferguson was dominated by rising superstar Paddy Pimblett, seemingly content to be on the bottom.

Ferguson didn’t retire. Now tying with BJ Penn’s longest losing streak in the UFC, the future remains unclear for the former interim lightweight champion. He stormed off after Pimblett was announced the winner at UFC 296 and didn’t give a post-fight interview after making it to a decision.

Tony Ferguson, Dana White, UFC 296

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