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Darren Till addresses comments made about family ahead of UFC 228

The main event of UFC 228 has a lot of eyes on it as welterweight champion Tyron Woodley defends his belt against Darren Till. With all of the background of Till’s comments surfacing about his family and several potential fighters being suggested against Woodley, the fight hasn’t exactly attracted the most positive influences. So let’s see if we can change the narrative a bit looking ahead to UFC 228.

[Sidenote to those covering combat sports: professional athletes hire professional managers who work with public relations directors. Because of this, athletes are groomed to answer cookie-cutter questions with cookie-cutter responses. Don’t believe me? Count the times a football or basketball player says ‘it was a team effort out there’ in a post-game interview.]

During the UFC Media call, Till was asked about his comments addressing his family and children.

“I just said what I was feeling in the moment,” Till stated.

“It’s just my only focus is fighting September 8 and people just don’t know what I meant,” Till continued.

“Every fight I like to come back to me hotel room after me fight and I just like to sit there and reflect on the weeks gone by but its fucking hard, absolutely. After the fight, everyone gets a piece of Darren Till again. I go to see my woman … and my daughter … I’m going to see my daughter after this. That’s the life of a fighter after a fight. Few people on this Earth can do what we do. So I need to focus on this fight.”

However, Till does have an obstacle to overcome before he steps in the octagon against the champ. He has struggled to make weight before his bouts.

“I do have a lot of weight to cut ahead of the fights,” he said.

Till assured that this fight camp has been different and the weight cut won’t be as big of a struggle and that he was happy about where he was with his weight this time around.

Regardless of the outcome, one part of Darren Till’s game remains unchanged and that is he won’t succumb to the pressure of being on the biggest stage at UFC 228 in Dallas, Texas on Saturday, September 8.

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