Darren Till

Darren Till on move to middleweight: “I want to earn my stripes at middleweight before fighting for title”

Darren Till has been one of the prime contenders in the UFC’s welterweight division for quite some time now.

After defeating widely recognized stars in weight class such as Donald Cerrone and Stephen Thompson, Till has transformed into a bonafied star.

And with UFC 228 rapidly approaching, he will have the chance to solidify his superstardom by attempting to capture the UFC welterweight championship from Tyron Woodley.

But even if that should happen, Till already has his future planned out apparently.

Earlier today at the UFC open workout, Till informed the media that he has only a few more fights at 170 lbs before moving on from the division.

Despite him getting his shot at winning UFC welterweight gold, Till has come to the reality his time in the division is winding down.

The main reason due to his recent struggles in making 170, which have resulted in him missing the weight on two separate occasions.

Though an inevitable move to a heavier weight class is drawing near, Till claims he will still defend the 170 lbs belt if he wins it UFC 228.

Till also stated once he eventually makes the move to middleweight, he’s intent on earning his place in the division before going on the title hunt.

“I’ve said I want to go to middleweight. It’s just… I see a lot of guys and they’re chasing money fights. They’re winning titles and they’re calling either the higher or the lower category or they’re calling for that super fight,” he explained.

“When I take that belt, I want to defend that belt and then I want to go up to middleweight, but that doesn’t mean that I want to go up and challenge the champion. I would like to earn my stripes in that division too. I feel there are a lot of good guys in that division.”

“There’s one guy that I wouldn’t like to fight, Yoel Romero. I’m glad he’s gone up, he’s a f*ckin’ beast,” he said, before bursting into laughter.

“The Gorilla” also clarified should be offered a title shot his 1st bout at 185 lbs, he gladly accept, but at the same wants to earn that opportunity too.

“I believe in life you have to earn your stripes. If I did go to middleweight in the UFC and they offered me the title I’m not going to say no. But I’m saying I’d love to earn my stripes, fight the top five, top ten. For me, going up to middleweight, I’m not focusing on the belt because I know I’m the best; I know I’ll win that belt as well.”

If he does indeed come away with the victory this Saturday night, the british striker states he’ll defend the title two to three times then officially make his way to 185 lbs.

“I just want to win this belt. I want to defend it; I just want to be able to say that I’ve defended it. You could be looking at two or three fights at welterweight and then that’s me done. I’m 25, I’m not putting my body through this for much longer.

“I’m here today, I’m great. I’ve got my chef with me and he’s doing a f*cking perfect job. I feel good. I just want to be able to eat some white rice. I’m just f*cking hungry — that’s what it is.

“As I’m getting older, I’m starting to see that it’s a lot of weight to cut and I don’t need to do it. I started at welterweight, I’m going to finish at welterweight and my ultimate goal is to be welterweight champion. In two weeks, I could be making that a reality. After that, I want to defend and then after that it’s probably me going to middleweight. That’s how I see my future playing out.”