David Feldman speaks on Paige VanZant four fight deal: "If she performs well its a very lucrative deal, way bigger than whats being mentioned"

David Feldman speaks on Paige VanZant four fight deal: “If she performs well its a very lucrative deal, way bigger than whats being mentioned”

BKFC stands tall with top promotions in signing star VanZant.

It had been rumored on social media in the last few weeks, but still not many believed it. Ariel Helwani yesterday broke the news, Paige VanZant was signing with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. MyMMANews caught up with BKFC’s CEO, David Feldman, who considers this a huge win for the promotion.

“This signing got some amazing media attention,” Feldman told MyMMANews. “It’s an amazing signing, it will be an amazing partnership and we are all excited.”

Many believed once VanZant’s contract was up with the UFC following her loss to Amanda Ribas, the 26-year-old would be joining Bellator. VanZant’s husband is a current contender in the promotion, and it was thought Bellator would revel in the idea of ‘Bellator’s power couple.’ Well Bellator did make attempts, Bare Knuckle just proved to be the stronger contender. Feldman believes the family atmosphere of BKFC was the selling point.

“I think the selling point was getting her involved more,” Feldman told MyMMANews. “She’s a natural promoter, she will be commentating for us, she will be on the promotional team,” Feldman continued. “She will get the chance to actually work with the company. Not to sound cliche but we have a family atmosphere here, it’s a passion thing, and for her to be part of a passionate organization that was the final selling point.”

Feldman is certain VanZant will be commentating on some future BKFC cards but isn’t 100% on when that will begin. The rumors have been swirling that this deal for VanZant is over a million dollars, Feldman considers it more of a win-win for every side involved.

“It’s a four-fight deal with Paige,” Feldman stated. “Lot of upside for her, depending on her performance it has the ability to be an unbelievably lucrative contract, way way bigger than what is being mentioned,” Feldman continued. “We envision her to do great, if that is the case she will make a-lot of money, and we will make a-lot of money. That is what a good partnership is all about. It is a win win for everyone involved, and no one expected her to sign with us. We let everyone know we are a player.”

This was a massive win for BareKnuckle who did surprise many with the VanZant signing. The former UFC fighter will next compete in the ring for BKFC and thus proving the promotion continues to make strides in the right direction. Not only with VanZant as a fighter, but the star that is Paige VanZant.

“It’s a win because who would have thought, really, who would have thought,” Feldman spoke on the signing. “Paige VanZant the fighter, the athlete but the mainstream star, Dancing with the Stars, even Demi Lavato is commenting on this signing calling her a savage,” Feldman continued. “She brings us that attention; she will be the face of this organization.”

Feldman did also state that in the very near future that a ‘boxing star’ would be joining the ranks of the BKFC family as well. VanZant is only the beginning of the major female signings that are coming for BareKnuckle. Feldman also speaks on what is coming for VanZant’s timeline as many are already calling for a Bec Rawlings rematch.

“She will get a get your feet wet type fight in the fall,” Feldman told MyMMANews. “Then we will build into something that really makes sense. We are actually in the process of signing a really big women’s boxing world champion,” Feldman told MyMMANews. “We are really focusing on women right now, the 115lb and 125lb division.”

Feldman did not share with MyMMANews who the boxing star is, as the negotiations are ongoing and not official as of yet. He did though speak on VanZant’s injury history and those worried about BKFC worsening that resume, Feldman doesn’t share the same worry.

“Not a worry for us, we know the injuries we have, very limited broken hands,” Feldman stated. “We statistically have less injuries than a boxing or MMA event.”

VanZant may have all the attention right now in the sporting world, and rightfully so, but another BKFC big signing is making his debut in September. Thiago Alves is set to face off against Phil Baroni in his debut with the promotion.

“I think he’s going to be an animal,” Feldman spoke on Alves. “He trains harder than anyone I’ve ever seen. He can bang, he has grit, I expect some tremendous things out of him,” Feldman continued. “Funny enough Alves and VanZant are training partners now.”

Feldman also stated that the August 29th card for BKFC is now not happening. The next card for BKFC will be in September with the debut of Thiago Alves. Feldman considers BareKnuckle more than just on the map with their recent signings and expects big things for the future of this promotion, and the new face of it, Paige VanZant.

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