The Submissions of CFFC 82 Anacondas All Around

The Submissions of CFFC 82: Anaconda’s All Around

CFFC returned in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Wednesday night for the first of two nights of events. CFFC 82 seemed to fly by with a string of first-round finishes early in the evening that featured two submissions in a row.  That’s not too rare, but what might be a little rare was that they were the same, unique submissions that are likely not as high percentage in MMA; the anaconda choke.

Before going into the matches, the choke should be discussed. Confusing the anaconda choke and the D’arce come up a lot between fans and some officials. Even the results of one of the submissions discussed here are labeled as a “guillotine choke” on some sites, which is incorrect, but the confusion could come from the set-ups. Phil Brooks (CM Punk) during the broadcast even began calling the first one a guillotine choke as it was happening.

Where the choking arm enters from and where the hands lock on the opponent is what determines the kind of choke happening. The confusion comes from the wrapping of the head and arm in what is basically an arm-triangle position for the choker. If the choking arm enters under the opponent’s arm and hands locked behind the neck/back, that is the D’arce.  The anaconda is the opposite, the choking arm enters around the neck and hands lock under the armpit or ribcage.

Both can be done with a squeeze as we saw at UFC 251 with Makwan Amirkhani’s anaconda choke and the same thing happened in the second one at CFFC 82. 

If you watch how Isaiah Monroe sets up the choke, it starts from the guillotine position on Joe Tizzano. Monroe adjusts his hand position, similar to what Amirkhani did, and switched to the anaconda but wrapped Tizzano’s leg to make the choke more uncomfortable by folding Tizzano into the choke, on top of the squeeze. Check it out here:

Oddly enough, it was Solomon Renfro’s anaconda choke that seems to show up like a guillotine when checking results, even though both were officially announced at CFFC 82 correctly. Renfro’s setup was more direct, started from standing, and snapped Rob Gidron down right into the choking position. Without needing to adjust, Renfro just patiently brought him down to the mat and started to squeeze. He walked his hips towards Gidron to add the leverage and hook a leg if necessary but it wasn’t. Apparently, Renfro has a pretty tight squeeze. See his handiwork below:

CFFC is on deck again Thursday night, which is making for a nice warm-up for UFC 252 this weekend. More finishes are on the way and hopefully, My MMA News can break down any unique submissions that result between CFFC 83 and anything else in between.

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