Demetrious Johnson, MMA Mt. Rushmore

Demetrious Johnson gives his MMA Mt. Rushmore

The MMA Mt. Rushmore is always a hotly debated one. Demetrious Johnson is consistently featured on said mount. Well, “Mighty Mouse” has decided to weigh in on his own MMA Mt. Rushmore and he wasn’t shy about his placement on the side of the cliff on his YouTube channel.

Demetrious Johnson‘s top four MMA fighters of all time

Demetrious Johnson named the top four fighters and numbers three and four aren’t quite controversial. Number three was Georges St-Pierre and four was Anderson Silva. So far, so good, right?

At number one, Johnson had the legend Jon Jones at the top. “I feel like every single time he has been inside the cage he could just destroy his opponent however you want it,” Johnson said.

With Jones owning two belts, it’s not hard to see why he would be at the top of the list for Demetrious Johnson.

So who is number two?

Like previously hinted, Demetrious Johnson wasn’t shy about who should be on his Mt. Rushmore. At number two is…*drumroll*

Demetrious Johnson

“Nobody has been able to do what I’ve been able to do in the flyweight division or in any division. Eleven consecutive title defenses, created a brand new move that many of you guys have never seen—shout-out to Matt Hume who helped me to learn that move—I have wins by knockout, submission, by decision, got a split draw, whatever you want to call it.”

Johnson went on to say that if he were to fight some of St-Pierre and Silva’s competitors (with size parity of course), he would have dominated.

“If you have prime Demetrious Johnson, and Thales Leites goes to his back and wants to pull guard, you best believe my black ass is not going to tell him to stand the f*** up,” Johnson said. “I’m going to go right in his guard and go bust his f****** guard up with my jiu-jitsu. That’s why I would take prime Demetrious Johnson over prime Anderson Silva.”

What do you think about Johnson’s Mt. Rushmore? No Khabib, Fedor, Royce Gracie, Daniel Cormier or Israel Adesanya.

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