Dennis Bermudez wants Max Holloway for UFC featherweight title shot

Dennis Bermudez wants to fight Max Holloway for featherweight title shot

Dennis Bermudez wants to fight Max Holloway for featherweight title shot

UFC featherweight Dennis “The Menace” Bermudez talks about wanting to fight at UFC 205 in New York, calling out Frankie Edgar, Max Holloway, and Anthony Pettis. Bermudez also gives his opinion of Conor McGregor holding the 145-pound belt.

Editor’s Note:  Since interview was filmed it has been announced that Conor McGregor will challenge Eddie Alvarez for the UFC lightweight title in the main event at UFC 205.


0:25 – “We called out Frankie Edgar after my last fight.  Didn’t work out in my favor. So, I want to fight at MSG.  I help push lobbying to get MMA legalized in New York so I feel like I should have first dibs on that card.  Unfortunately it doesn’t look like I’m going to be able to get on that card.  We’ve got Pettis in our sights.  We have Holloway in our sights.”

1:24 – “I did on paper lose to Jeremy Stephens, however the UFC has an asterisk next to that loss because one, he didn’t make weight, and two I was annihilating him and he pulled off a miracle if you will, which sucks.  So, I actually through the grapevine heard through friends talking to other friends, the UFC gave Frankie the option.  Who do you want to fight, Dennis Bermudez or Jeremy Stephens?  And he said Jeremy Stephens.  And why?  That’s an easier fight for him.”

2:18 – “So speaking with my manager, Conor says he is gonna go back down to 145, but having success at a higher weight class, me and my manager are thinking once he starts cutting weight, gets hungry one time, he’s gonna be like, ‘you know what, F this.  I’m just gonna fight heavier cause I’ve had success there.  Why kill myself trying to me 145?  And then Aldo also said ‘Wherever McGregor goes, I go.’ So McGregor goes up to 155, Aldo goes up to 155, which leaves Frankie who is already fighting Jeremy Stephens so he’s tied up, and then there’s Holloway.  Cause I tried to fight Pettis at MSG and the UFC told me they need somebody ready to rock and roll to fight Holloway if Conor goes up to 155.”

3:29 – “In my head, why don’t you let me fight Holloway?  I beat him.  Cause when the title gets vacated because those two go up to 155, Holloway gets the title shot.  So in my head, why don’t I fight Holloway for the title shot because we have some history there.  Pettis and him don’t have any history.  Or a story.  It’s just, he’s ranked higher than me.”

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