Cowboy Cerrone in Three Moves

Donald Cerrone Prefers The Short Notice Fights

Donald Cerrone may not have been into his last fight with Conor McGregor, but he’s all about a short-notice fight with Anthony Pettis at UFC 249. Cerrone is a different breed of competitor and it seems that even though he is coming off of a loss, getting a call to fight in times like now is exactly what he needs to get fired up about fighting. It helps that it is an opportunity to avenge a loss too.

While the bulk of his interview with ESPN was reflecting on the loss to Conor McGregor at UFC at UFC 246, Cerrone did talk about the fight ahead of him with Pettis and how he has a whole different mindset looking at the upcoming match. “This fight right here, them calling me, me fighting on two weeks’ notice, that’s who I am,” Cerrone said about the difference between last January and the upcoming bout on May 9.

“This fight right here, them calling me, me fighting on two weeks’ notice, that’s who I am.” -Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone

Cerrone has 14 losses on his record so there is nothing new about it and by now, fans know Cerrone would rather be getting ready for a fight than dwelling on the last one. However, with the most recent loss, he seems more aware that the fights can be catching up to him, so he would rather do them now as long as he knows he still can.

“I can see the end of the tunnel,” Cerrone said of his future so he would rather, “fight my ass off. I’ll take as many as they’ll let me go.” They’re letting him go now and as far as travel and safety are concerned Cerrone has it covered. He said he would be driving himself down in his RV and staying in the parking lot until it was time to weigh in and be ready for fight night.

Cerrone and Pettis fought before in 2013 where Cerrone lost via TKO in round one when Pettis landed a kick to the body. “We’ve been trying to get this going for a while now,” Cerrone said, “it should be good.”

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