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Eddie Alvarez ONE on TNT ONE Championship

Photo via ONE Championship press release

Eddie Alvarez ONE on TNT 1 Post-Fight Presser

ONE on TNT 1 emanated from Singapore Indoor Stadium on Wednesday, April 7th. ONE Championship’s inaugural foray on the network produced a lot of buzzed-about happenings.

A champion defending their crown, elite Muay Thai in four once gloves, and some high octane kickboxing were but a few of the highlights.

At the ONE on TNT 1 Post-Fight Presser, I spoke with Eddie Alvarez after the hotly discussed DQ finish in his Iuri Lapicus bout.

Eddie Alvarez ONE on TNT

I’m just kind of curious because earlier in the scrum here you were talking about how there’s still that commensurate passion for fighting when you started versus now. But also the feeling is different. How would you say the feeling differs when you started versus where you’re at now?

“It’s a relationship, you know. I met my wife when I was 15 years old. And you have butterflies. You want to talk to them every day, you want to hang out with them 24/7, you can’t get enough of them. And then you get married and I still love my wife. She’s still my best friend but you don’t have the butterflies anymore. I tell everyone that was my relationship with fighting.”

“I had butterflies, I couldn’t get enough of it, I obsessed about it. Did it day, night, afternoon. I wouldn’t stop. And then after a while, you got to understand that you love this thing. Because all of them feelings, the new feelings, they all fade. And then the only people who stick around are people who really love it. Really love it. They look at it in a deeper meaning than just punches and kicks. That’s what I did. I married this sport of fighting. I married it, I committed to it, and I loved it. Even when I didn’t have butterflies anymore.”

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