Bellator veteran, Emmanuel Sanchez has words of wisdom for Dillon Danis

Bellator veteran, Emmanuel Sanchez has words of wisdom for Dillon Danis

After his impressive first-round submission of Sam Sicilia, Emmanuel Sanchez is poised to be the next in line for Bellator’s featherweight title (against the winner of Patricio Pitbull v. Daniel Wiechel). But rather than harp on title implications, Sanchez took some time to discuss his fight game, upcoming title-contention and had some words-of-wisdom for, newcomer, Dillon Danis.

While several fighters, including Aaron Pico and Michael Bisping, called out Danis for his charades, Sanchez took a different approach to Danis and praised the young fighter’s passion and drive. Sanchez is a realist that knows how to market oneself as a fighter. He understands that hype might not be nearly as important as building yourself up in the moment, which is often times fleeting.

“Each fighter has to have that chip on their shoulder, that level of confidence” Sanchez stated.

“When the lights are on and the microphone is in your face, you say what you want and do what you want and to each his own. So I can’t knock it. I think it’s entertaining, It’s cool. You want to dress how you want to dress? it’s on you,” he continued.

Sanchez went on to list a slew of fighters who found their niche in combat sports, including Khabib Nurmagomedov, Chuck Liddell and Aljamain Sterling. Every successful fighter has found a trait that separated him from the rest of the pack, be it a red mohawk or a Dagestani hat.

Danis did do his post-fight press conference dressed in attire you might find up in the 36-Chambers complete with some Kardashian-style shades, but the light-heartedness was still in full effect.

“You want to dress how you want to dress? It’s on you,” Sanchez continued

“Its your brand, its your thing, its your night, its all about you,” Sanchez completed.

Danis did go on the address Pico’s comments via Twitter. Specifically telling Pico, “Relax little man before I get my masters purple belt to choke you out again.” However, it seems as though, maybe not enough fighters are embracing Danis’ behaviors, nor recalling their own antics to rise to the top.

After all what does the pot call the kettle?