Essay on Boxing as My Favorite Sport

Boxing is life. Have you heard it? It is true for both sides. For sportsmen and followers. Like every professional kind of sports, boxing needs a lot of time, motivation, inspiration, and money to start. But most it needs time. In fact, it eats time, and it steals time. If you want to be a professional in sport, you should spend passion on it. Sport leaves no time for private life, and the only thing you must believe is that you become one of the best after the years of training.

That is how it works. And only that way. There are no exceptions, only hard work. So if you want to keep a balance between:

private life – choose friends among your team,
studying – use essay writing services,
training – just hard working.

When you see fighting on your screen, it seems like they do it so easy, but every hit can damage normal person a lot. Concessions, broken stones are common life for boxers. Their body adapts to this, and every hit means less. However, it is only in our imagination. Boxing is dangerous for health in every phase of training. It means that before choosing this kind of sport, you should weigh the pros and cons and then make a decision if boxing is for you.

Anyway, I’m in love with it. When I see the boxing match, it’s like a great action then takes me to another world. This world is full of strong men, rich people, luxury lifetime, and of course, caring about your favorite sportsman. Preparation to fight is an art. We all understand that it is business with performance and show for viewers, but anyway it looks fabulous. I’m not trying to compare boxing with canoeing in aspects of the hardworking or training, but I think you know what I mean in aspects of performance. People in the modern world are in love with bright lights, loud sounds, and sharp movements. Boxing gives all these things.

Boxers are really strong guys. They spend their life to keep the perfect body form and show it to their fans. It will be unfair to compare their achievements, for example, in math with their classmates who are fond of science, because of time they spend to become perfect in the chosen subject. If someone can spend days researching, the only decision for sportsman can be to use a cheap essay writing service as a helper when he prepares for the important fight. Someone can think that this is unfair, but I do not agree. Using the example below let’s imagine the situation when professional boxer starts working as a math scientist. It is impossible. At the same time is it fair that we care that professional boxer has a diploma of college or university? Is it not? But life works like this. So sportsmen (not only boxers) don’t have any choice. They must study for 8 hours a day, training for 8 hours a day and sleep more 8 hours a day. Do you feel the contradiction? Where is the time for eating, transportation, resting, meeting friends or family? There is no doubt that they should sacrifice something. The only one way is to squeeze the time for studying, but we judge them anyway. This is life, and the only way to stop condemning someone is to analyze the whole situation.

Opinions above are thoughts of a perceived person, but every sport is a passion that you can not explain sometimes. It is not good or bad. But if you are just a fan and see only the results of hard work and thousands of hours of training in a one hour fight, be fair to your sportsman and follow him no matter what.

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