Essential equipment that MMA fighters need for training

Essential equipment that MMA fighters need for training

In sports having the right gear when training makes the training worthwhile, this is no different for MMA fighters. The equipment should be of high quality and durable to handle daily tear and wear. Investing in good quality and the right equipment will help every MMA fighter bring the most out of their training sessions.

Here is the most essential training equipment for MMA.

Fighting shorts

The best MMA fighting shorts should be comfortable and flexible. The best choice of material should easily stretch to make running and grappling exercises unrestricted. This is why Muay Thai shorts are much shorter in length when compared to shorts for boxers for which you can compare ranges at places like Fight Co.

The most commonly used material is polyester and spandex in the right percentage. A pocket comes in handy to carry martial arts equipment such as Mouth Guard. The fastening should be easy to adjust to firmly secure the shorts around the waist.

MMA gloves

As laid down in the Unified Rules of MMA, it is imperative to use a pair of standard size MMA gloves when training. To ensure that your hands are protected the gloves should be fingerless. This is also of great use when training in grappling techniques. The gloves should be adequately padded with a weight of 8oz applicable when sparring. Gloves weighing 4oz are also acceptable as it is the standard size applied in professional MMA bouts. The padding forms a protective cushion for both the trainee and the partner aiding in sparring.

BJJ Rash Guards

To enhance muscle recovery, protection from mat burns as well as absorption of sweat and moisture. Investing in the right rash guard is an important piece of clothing when training. You can find a short or a long-sleeved rash guard in accordance to your preference. The best BJJ rash guards should be made of 6-panel material. This is to allow ease of movement with no restriction of the tightness at the top. The stitching should be ossified with a flatlock stitching. This is to enhance durability to endure pulls and tugs. It also aids in the prevention of chafing or rubbing.

The rash guard should cover the whole torso area and fit to the top of the wearers training shorts or pants.

Shin Guards

To perform full contact MMA sparring, it is important to have a high-quality MMA shin guard. There are two available shin guard options available in the market. The pure striking shin guard and the sleeve shin guard. The pure striking shin guards are bigger in size and heavier. They are optimized for undertaking stand up sparring. However, they are not preferred by many MMA fighters as pulling off submissions while wearing them is difficult.
The sleeve-style shin guards are termed as the perfect fit for MMA. Though they don’t offer your legs as much protection as the pure striking ones; their smaller and streamlined properties offer a fighter more freedom in grappling and working submissions.


MMA training is high intensity and risky activity, it is imperative to ensure that your teeth are protected at all times. A high-quality mouth guard should always be worn when training. The guard should match the regulations and standard as per MMA rules. It should fit perfectly and sit comfortably on your teeth. The material used should be in a position to absorb impact and the material used should be of the right kind.


High quality and durable training equipment will help you to maximize your training sessions. Asking for help from your gym instructor when buying these types of equipment comes in handy as they know the best brands in the market. They may also lead you to the best stores to buy from. Your safety and wellbeing are of high regard when it comes to combat sports. Get protective gear and this will minimize injuries that can result from training.

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