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Evan Delong: “We’re Going To Make Diamonds With This Pressure”

Evan Delong is a 26-fight vet who has been competing since 2007. In the main event of Ironboy 14, the Fit NHB fighter, known as “The Matrix”, gets the opportunity he’s waited his whole career for.

Delong (17-9), who is on a four-fight win streak, faces Roman Salazar (12-8) for the Ironboy Featherweight title; March 30, at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona.

How do you prepare for the situation of going into Roman’s hometown for this fight?
“Man, this is a great opportunity. I’m extremely excited for this to happen. It’s my time. I can’t wait to take care of business. I’m gonna go in there and do what I do. I’m sure Roman is getting ready for this, but I’m ready to take him out. I’m ready to finish this guy. I’m ready to put all Evan ‘The Matrix’ Delong on him. Let’s do this!”

When you were told you were fighting a recognizable name like Roman Salazar, a UFC vet, what was your reaction?
“I got all excited. I was just like man, they came as I was training doing some wrestling. ‘Hey man we might have a fight sealed in for you with Roman Salazar’, and I was thinking ‘man’. I looked him up and I was like yes, finally the opportunity has come. I get to fight somebody of a high level, somebody that fought in the UFC. And, now I get the opportunity to stop this guy from going back.”

How much pressure do you you feel heading into this fight?
“For me, everything is on the line. That’s how I see it right now, all my eggs in this basket. I see it that way. Everything’s on the line and I love that pressure, cause…pressure creates diamonds. We’re going to make diamonds with this pressure. I’m going to take all of this. All this time and hard work will finally, finally, it’s come to this fight. I want everyone to see this, when they see in Arizona and hear about it in New Mexico. I want everybody, all eyes on me and Roman. This is my opportunity and I’m going to take it. I can’t wait.”

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