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Fabricio Werdum vs Renan Ferreira PFL 3 Media Day

PFL 3 takes place on Thursday, May 6th as the 2021 season continues. Fabricio Werdum vs Renan Ferreira headlines this card and it all emanates from Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Professional Fighters League broadcasts on ESPN + and ESPN 2.

The heavyweights and the women’s lightweights are the prominently featured fighters in this event.

Fabricio Werdum vs Renan Ferreira

I spoke with Fabricio Werdum and Renan Ferreira ahead of their main event collision.

Fabricio Werdum

Just kind of curious because your upcoming opponent here being a protege of Team Nogueira. Obviously, you had a pair of storied bouts against Minotauro.

Kind of curious what your thoughts are on that particular dynamic there?

“Yes, Nogueira is my good friend, man. I fought with him two times in PRIDE and UFC. He’s my brother. I love this guy. It doesn’t matter, you know. I just have a professional fight. No have to say bad things about my opponent and that’s it. I know he is a tough guy. And I’m just gonna go there and look for the victory.”

Oh yeah, for sure. Just thought it was a cool dynamic there. But I was kind of curious how excited you are about the strength of schedule and just getting to actively compete with the PFL?

That seems to be a big part of why you signed with the promotion.

“Yes, I like the idea. This why I have to sign with the PFL because I like the idea. Having to fight four times in a very short time. I like this. When you deserve, you go forward. This is good, you know. Like points to win. I like the rules. I think nobody have this like PFL. Like points when you win you go forward. Win points, you go forward too again. Then go to the belt and $1 million. This is amazing, you know. It’s a good motivation, for sure.”

Renan Ferreira

I’m just kind of curious with the last bout being August 2019, how is the excitement factor having a pretty busy defined fight schedule through 2021 going forward?

“I didn’t stop training. Not a single day between my last fight and now. I feel ready and feel great. I’m ready to fight.”

And just as a quick follow-up, I’m kind of wondering how the experience in the PFL bubble has been overall?

“It’s been great. I’m nothing but appreciative of the League. For the PFL, for everything they’ve done. Here to us and accommodating the fighters. Everything from health, safety, to food. I look forward to doing my part to contribute to the business on May 6th.”

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