Facts to know before Korea visit

Facts to know before Korea visit

Tech junkies would benefit

According to Akamai – the content delivery network (CDN) responsible for serving 15 to 30 percent of all web traffic – the country has been assessed to have the fastest internet connection speed in the world for the 12th consecutive quarter last year. The best 4G availability in the globe is recorded, with customers expecting a signal 95.71 percent of the time.

Largest economies of the world

This little country (which is around the size of Britain) has had a steady growth in its economy since 2009 and today has the world’s eleventh highest GDP (1,4 trillion dollars, according to the latest World Bank rating). With its main products integrated circuits (including computers, telephones, and other electronics), and cars, South Korea is the third-largest exporter in Asia and also the seventh-largest exporter in the world after China and Japan.

World’s biggest airport

For the 12th year running at the last year’s Airport Service quality awards, Incheon International Airport was awarded the world’s best. Why? It was undoubtedly the use of the grounds, free showers, and sauna. In the World Airport Awards last year it also placed as third best.

There is the busiest airway on Earth

Korea is the world’s most crowded flying route. From Seoul to Jeju International it is the 280-mile hop. The airport of Jeju is used by more than 26 million travelers each year, which is more than all Gatwick and Heathrow UK airport bars. Between these two airports, there were stunning 64,991 departures in 2017 – this works roughly 178 a day.

It is the capital of the world’s dances

With ‘Gangnam Style’ back in 2012, South Korea danced on the world map. But the music and dance are not just limited to k pop. First of all, for years after American forces introduced South Korea to the country in the 1990s, it was home to some of the best dancers on the globe.

There’s a world-class food scene

There have been waves of Korea’s food over the world, with kimchi and other delicacies, appearing everywhere on restaurant menus. When the Michelin Guide began its debut edition in Seoul, it acquired the official high-quality stamp of approval in 2016, and now there are 24 restaurants Michelin-starred.

Massages, skincare, and make-up

Imagine how pristine and stunningly beautiful Korean peoples’ skin is. Koreans see skincare as a key component of their daily lives and spend more money on skincare and beauty than anywhere else. In the morning, at night and every day, many Koreans have a ritual to keep their skin nice. They also get different kinds of skin and body massages. The specialty of this country is Korean 홈타이 massage and various therapies. Therefore, Korea has several skincare and beauty companies providing the most inventive and future-oriented products in the world. It is thus no wonder.



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