Marc Goddard

Fighter and Referee Marc Goddard, almost come to blows after the finish of the fight

Featherweight Ahmad Al Darmaki (2-5) was just DQ’d after he refused to release a rear-naked choke against Bogdan Kirilenko at UAE Warriors 12. Things got physical between him and ref Marc Goddard.

After Ahmad Al Darmaki got the finish against Bogdan Kirilenko via RNC. Kirilenko preceded to tap from the submission but didn’t let the choke go, hence why Marc Goddard tried to grab Darmaki’s arm to release the submission, but still did not release the hold. This prompted Goddard to drag Al Darmaki off Kirilenko.

The fighter did then let go of the hold, then continued to get up and shove Goddard. The pairing came to shoves and some words between the two, Ahmad Al Darmaki kept his hands on Goddard and holding his fist tight into his throat.

The official decision was to disqualified Ahmad Al Darmaki for his actions.

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