Fighters predict Mayweather vs Pacquiao

Fighters predict Mayweather vs Pacquiao

Fighters predict Mayweather vs Pacquiao

The biggest boxing match in history is this weekend and several boxing and mixed martial arts professional make their picks for Mayweather vs Pacquiao.  Some were serious, some not so serious.

Mike Tyson – “He’s (Mayweather) very delusional. If he was anywhere near that realm of ‘greater than Ali,’ he’d be able to take his kids to school by himself,” Tyson said in an online video. “He’s a very small, scared man.” “I just like Manny,” Tyson added in an interview on Thursday. “Not necessarily because he throws a lot of punches but because he’s very elusive and might be hard to hit.”

Conor McGregor – I would have loved to have seen it a couple of years ago – it’s still a phenomenal contest, but I think  Mayweather is the one that has evolved where as Pacquiao has more stagnated and declined – so I fell Mayweather will pick him apart.  Mayweather has been through less wars, Manny has been knocked down multiple times – they’re similar age but Manny has aged career wise a lot more than Floyd, so Floyd will be the younger fighter going in.  Floyd is the younger fighter in terms of fights and damage they have had and I feel he will prevail.  I feel a late stoppage, I think Floyd will stop him late.”

Mia St. John – “Mayweather”

Tito Ortiz – “Mayweather decision or Pac by knockout” (Undecided)

Anthony Johnson – “Mayweather by decision. I wouldn’t be surprised if he knocks him out though. The guy is so accurate and fast, you just never know. He’s going to definitely counter the hell out of him.”

Matt Serra – “Pacman, armlock from guard 2nd round.”

Jessica ‘Evil’ Eye – “I don’t have one .. It could go either way.”

Nick Newell – “Pac”

Colton Smith – “Pacquiao vs Mayweather is a very intriguing fight.. Wait it’s 2015 not 2011.. Mayweather wins a lackluster decision by superior footwork and angles (all backwards I might add) in route to his 10th marathon (26.2 miles) in the ring as he rides off into the sunset with an undefeated career, $70 Million purse, 4 domestic violence convictions all the while being illiterate and as arrogant as they come..”

Josh Burkman – Mayweather. But Paquiauo will start real strong. the 9th or 10th

Linton Vassel – “I see Mayweather doing his thing and either knocking Pacman out or win a decision. I would love to see Pacman win this though.”

Jordan Griffin – “Mayweather. Head movement stays relaxed. Pac throws a lot of combos though and is a south paw”

Cody Bollinger – “Heart is with Pacman”

George Sullivan – “I’m thinking Mayweather by decision but hoping Manny”

Johnny “Hollywood” Case – “Hopefully Pacquiao. Such a humble and respectful fighter who comes to throw down. I admire him because he shows up to fight and finish. He takes risk and tries to knock people out. I feel Mayweather fights more from a defensive style.”


Fighters who picked Floyd Mayweather Jr. – 7

Fighters who picked Manny Pacquiao – 5

Fighters Undecided – 2


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