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Gambling Religion of High Rollers A Casino Like a Lifestyle

Gambling Religion of High Rollers — A Casino Like a Lifestyle

Regardless of your gambling experience, you are most probably wondering what the “high rollers” term means and what it is special about it. In fact, a high roller is a gambler who makes large bets in gambling at the best land-based and online casinos. For such players, gambling is not a profession but a way of life.

High rollers usually play card games since this type of gambling entertainment offers a high betting threshold. If you aim to become a high roller and dream of earning more at casinos, then you should learn about winning blackjack strategies at the site. In this review, you will learn about how to become a high roller, what is special about this lifestyle, and how online establishments encourage such players.

High Rollers in Casinos

High rollers are rarely beginners. As a rule, these are people who understand the strategies of casino games. Therefore, they take part in those activities that provide the best opportunities to get the max winnings. As a rule, high rollers cannot imagine their life day without gambling; therefore, they constantly visit various gambling houses, take part in poker tournaments, etc.

It should be noted that there are many high rollers, so the number of players is determined by the limit set for each individual table. High rollers always bet huge amounts of money to get to the table. In Australia, for example, this applies to those investing between $50k and $75k in a casino game. If we are talking about Las Vegas, this range is somewhere between $150,000 and $300,000. In Macau, this amount can reach $500 thousand.


As a rule, such gamblers give preference to the following games:


  • Baccarat or its accelerated version of Punto Banco — With a low house edge of just 1%, it has remained the most popular among high-stakes gamblers for decades;
  • Blackjack — In many casinos, the max limit for this game is $600. In blackjack, the lowest house edge starts at 0.4%. Counting cards can translate everything in the player’s favor, but modern security systems allow the casino to quickly track down such players;
  • Craps — Difficult combinations and excitement make this game one of the most popular among gambling fans. The main feature of the game is equal chances of winning, and the house edge is relatively low.

How Online Casinos Encourage High Rollers

For online establishments, the definition of a high roller is a little vaguer, although there are still some privileges. The majority of players bet small amounts here, so almost anyone who places a bet above $100 can be called a high roller.

High rollers often receive massive bonuses from a gaming house. Bonuses are very different, for example, free transfers on a private jet, limousine, free accommodation in deluxe rooms, discounts on visits to the premium-class restaurants, etc. As for online gaming houses, they can offer an extended credit limit for the player, as well as compensation payments per turnover from rates or losses.

The Most Famous High Roller Considering Gambling a Lifestyle

Professional poker player Phil Ivey is known as one of the most skillful poker players in the world. And although poker is more of an intellectual game, which requires more knowledge and skills than luck, Ivy is also a fan of excitement and risk.

What is this player so famous for? An avid dice player, he flew around five different casinos within the Megatur of Dice, placing $100,000 worth of bets on every game. But that’s not all. Another important story for Ivey happened in 2012 when he won about $11 million in a baccarat session at the Crockfords Casino in London. However, the casino didn’t want to pay out the winnings, arguing that Ivey used a technique called “edge sorting” to predict which cards would be dealt with the next time. Ivey sued the casino to claim his winnings. The outcome of that situation is still unresolved.

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