Gibrand Frontela, crane kick

Gibrand Frontela channeling Mr. Miyagi with crane kick KO

With Cobra Kai season five a few days away, it’s time to get into the real, high-flying spirit of the best show on the planet (suck it, Game of Thrones). At XFN 45, Evolution MMA product Gibrand Frontela pulled out his best Mr. Miyagi impression and knocked his opponent out with the iconic crane kick. Check it out below!

The Crane Kick

Gibrand Frontela did a great job with his knockout at XFN 45. It was very quick and not telegraphed at all which is how it was so effective. In The Karate Kid, Daniel LaRusso is forced to use the technique and exaggerates it (for Hollywood effect) with his arms in the air. Frontel throws it at a moment’s notice. It produced the fantastic knockout and makes him a must watch in his next amateur fight.

Cobra Kai season five drops and we’re actually due for a good crane kick in the show. As important as it was in the first movie that started it all, I could see it making a comeback for the latest season as Terry Silver looks to reap havoc on the All-Valley area.

Don’t expect to see Gibrand Frontela in Cobra Kai, however. He’s too lethal and could probably show the Karate Bad Boy a thing or two about fighting.

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