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Golden Boy MMA Looking to Change Fighter Pay in November

Former boxing champion and Golden Boy CEO, Oscar De La Hoya is going full throttle into the MMA business with the launch of Golden Boy MMA. The main event of their November 24 show will be the third fight between Tito Ortiz (19-12-1) and Chuck Liddell (21-8) at The Forum in Inglewood, California.  De La Hoya signed both men back in July and it seems getting everything set for this event is moving forward.

ESPN broke the news Wednesday night and while the match-up features two of the most well-known names in the history of MMA De La Hoy has also made it clear Golden Boy MMA looks to be fighter friendly in terms of how they get paid.  “I strongly feel MMA fighters are going to be pleased with the fact I’m entering the sport,” De La Hoya said, “ Hopefully, we will sign some great fighters and go from there.”

De La Hoy believes his experience from being a boxer turned promoter will bring more fighters interested in going pro and making better money in the new promotion. DeLaA Hoya said, “I’m becoming a promoter in MMA for the same reason I became a promoter in boxing. I’m sick and tired of these fighters coming up to me and saying they get paid crap.”

Before everything was finalized, two weeks ago De La Hoy reiterated his stance on fighter pay telling Fight Hub the way MMA fighters get paid is “terrible.”

“It gets me sick to my stomach” –Oscar De La Hoy on the pay scale of MMA

With the November 24 even,t De La Hoya says both Liddell and Ortiz “will be making a hell of a lot more money than they have with anybody else. They’ll participate in revenue from PPV, gate and everything else that comes in. This will be the most lucrative fight of their careers.”

The business of MMA seems to have boomed since the UFC sold for over $4 billion dollars back in July of 2016 and what was once considered a risky business seems to have become a lucrative venture to invest in.

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