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Mike Wacker Aggressive Combat Championships 19 MMA Debut Interview | CCMMA Podcast

Mike Wacker, a trainer, head coach, and gym owner makes his MMA debut at the age of 32. The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black belt makes his way into the MMA cage for the first time at Aggressive Combat Championships 19 on September 22, at the Westchester County Center. This featherweight featured fight will be between Wacker and Miller in a three three-minute amateur fight.

Wacker is a BJJ black belt that has been training and coaching many fighters out of Black Hole BJJ in the Putnam County area. The amount of BJJ black belts this fighter has produced is incredible. ACC co-owner Tom Kilkenny is excited to see Wacker take the leap into the cage on an ACC promotion fight card. Wacker explained that entering the cage is something he decided he wanted to do for himself. He expressed in the interview on Carroll’s Corner MMA Podcast that he doesn’t feel like he needs to prove anything to anyone and this is something he wanted to try.

The very focused grappler didn’t talk much about anything past this fight against Miller and isn’t sure if he plans to fight in an MMA bout anytime soon after this bout. He did mention though that he’ll be returning to BJJ competition after his MMA fight on the 22nd of September.

Watch the entire interview below as you’ll get to take a sneak peek at how Wacker has been training for this fight. He knows that many people think that he will just try to take the fight to the ground but he expressed in the interview that he is prepared for the battle anywhere inside the cage.

Tickets can be purchased by visiting www.accmma.com or by contacting the fighters participating on the fight card.

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