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Golf Clubs Buying Guide – What Type Of Clubs Do You Need?

Golf clubs are the most expensive item you have to buy as a golfer, so knowing the difference between a club and its function is very important. This article will help you understand golf club jargon so you can make a more informed club buying decision.

By golf rules, you can carry up to 14 clubs (in your golf bag, of course), but most players carry the standard set of 12 clubs, including drivers, fairway woods, irons, wedges, and putter clubs.

1)Driver (aka Wood #1)

Driver is your power club and is used off teeing. The head is bigger and heavier than other rackets, which means you can hit the ball further. Guides have different weights and tilt angles. Most drivers have an attic angle of 9-13 degrees, which is suitable for non-professional golfers.

2) Fairway Woods –

Fairway woods are 3 and 5 and 7, 9 and 11, which are woods. In general, fairway wood has a lower elevation angle than iron. As a result, the ball stays lower in the air without sacrificing much range of motion. Hitting the ball properly with the wood takes more experience. For this reason, most golfers only carry wood 3 and 5 in their golf bag. More experienced trusty golfers b can bring in profitable lumber.

3) Irons

– Irons numbered 2 to 9 (iron #1 is rarely used these days). The higher the iron number, the greater the degree of inclination of the iron, which means the higher the ball will climb.

4) Wedges

– Wedges come in different types. An inclined wedge usually has 48 degrees of attic. The next type is the approach wedge with a slope of about 52 degrees. The sand wedge has a slope of about 56 degrees. The front wedge has a slope of about 60 degrees. Finally, the high lobe slice has the widest angle, between 64 and 68 degrees, depending on the model.

5) Putter – As the name suggests, a putter is a stick you use to get the ball into the hole. Hitting the ball well on the course is critical to success in golf, so it’s important to take the time to choose the putter

that best suits your needs. Make sure you try a few putters in your hand and get a feel for them first before choosing one.

6) Callaway

The Callaway Strata Golf Clubs comes with three range variations: 12 pieces, 14 pieces, and 16 pieces, to be exact. When we say pieces, you should remember that we also include the headcovers and the golf club bag. For beginners, the 12-piece set is the friendliest option. But if you want the full set, there is no better option than the 16-piece set. The 14-piece set is somewhere in the middle, and we only recommend that you go for this one if you are certain that you will need the specific golf clubs that come with this set.

To protect your expensive clubs, you need a quality golf bag. For a large selection of rack, cart and staff golf bags, please visit the trusty golfers (


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