GPG 27 Highlights - Alexander Keshtov new champ, name to remember

Alexander Keshtov

GPG 27 Highlights – Alexander Keshtov new champ, name to remember

GPG 27 Highlights – Alexander Keshtov new champ, name to remember

On a night where new champions were crowned, GPG 27 suffered some hiccups with some fights falling out, however, delivered in the end with some action packed fights, as always.

The first portion of the card feaured several pro grappling contests with the likeness’ of well known MMA fighter, and Sambo specialist Josh Key whom put his opponent away abruptly with a guillotine.

The all pro MMA portion of the card was nothing short of exciting from the first fight to last. In the main event of the evening, Billy Giovanella took on Alexander “AK-47” Keshtov for the GPG bantamweight title.

GPG 27 Highlights - Alexander Keshtov new champ, name to remember
Alexander Keshtov

It was a short evening for Giovanella as the Russian, Keshtov swarmed his opponent early and devastatingly with pin point accurate punches. The contest hit the floor briefly as Keshtov only having inches to work with, landed his short punches and elbows from the top, echoing throughout the venue. With each strike Keshtov landed, you heard the impact and could borderline feel the tremors.

The contest made its way back to standing but Keshtov’s onslaught wasn’t done just yet. Staying active on his overwhelmed opponent, Keshtov teed off with a combination of punches mixed with some knees to the head leaving Giovanella seemingly confused to where the next shot was coming from. With each shot landed, it was only a matter of time before the Russian sealed the deal. Finally, Keshtov’s offense was too much and Giovanella crumbled in the middle of the first round declaring Alexander “AK-47” Keshtov the victor via TKO and GPG bantamweight champion.

In the co-main event of the evening, Dashawn “Buck the 400lb Silverback” Boatwright (MMA Institute) delivered on his pre-fight prediction in stopping Eric Ellerbee for the GPG light heavyweight title. Although, he called his shot for the stoppage to happen in the 2nd round, he was more than happy to get the 4th round TKO stoppage.

Boatwright’s plan couldn’t have been executed any better. Ellerbee, known for his standup prowess, was never able to get a solid rhythm from start to finish. Instead, Boatwright spent most of the contest clinching his opponent against the fence to ultimately score the takedown. Time and time again. Boatwright would follow with peppering shots in the clinch or on the ground, which ultimately took its toll as Ellerbee bagan to whither as the contest went into championship rounds. Finally, Ellerbee was spent from the pressure, clinch fighting, and fighting off of his back. Boatwright smelled blood in the water and began battering Ellerbee to the point that referee, Bill Bookwalter made the wise decision to stop the contest, declaring Dashawn Boatwright the GPG light heavyweight champion in round 4 via TKO.

Discussing his opponent after the contest and his future as the GPG champion, Boatwright said, “He was way tougher than I thought he would be. I’m getting back to the lab and going to wait for calls”

In a 175lb catchweight bout, Ashton “The Dirty Bird” Nhemdari defeated Gary Sheppard in a close and back forth battle that saw a decision. The Canadian, Nhemdari made his pro debut against the 1-2, Sheppard with a size advantage, and utilizing his teeps to find his range while mixing in some devastating leg kicks. Although, Sheppard was game the entire contest landing punches in flurries, seemingly hurting Nhemdari at points, it was the Canadian, Nhemdari who was able to capture a tough fought win in his pro debut.

In a featherweight bout, Michael “Sho-Nuff” Lawrence defeated Sambet “Kerey” Naimbayev in a close decision. Many people were expecting Sambet to follow suit on his pro debut with keeping his distance and picking his accurate and devastating shots, but this bout proved different. Both fighters spent most of the time trading positions in the clinch and landing short shots on the inside but nothing to hurt either fighter. Although a close battle, in the end, Lawrence walked away with a close, hard earned decision victory.

All in all, for the hiccups this card endured before fight night, every fighter on this card delivered to keep the fans entertained and on their feet. We look forward to seeing tonight’s champions defend their belts and much more from GPG in 2017.

Global Proving Ground 27 results:

Keshtov deeatedef Billy Giovanella by first round TKO
Dashawn Boatwright defeated Eric Ellerbee via 4th round TKO
Ashton Nhdari defeated Gary Sheppard via decision
Michael Lawrence defeated Sambet Naimbayev via decision

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