Grace Cleveland out of ONE Atomweight Grand Prix alternate bout

Grace Cleveland out of ONE Atomweight Grand Prix alternate bout

Grace Cleveland is not fighting at ONE: Empower.

The upcoming ONE Atomweight Grand Prix will be the first of its kind for ONE Championship women competitors. It kicks off on September 3rd at ONE: Empower.

Cleveland was positioned in a grand prix alternate bout and addressed the withdrawal on her personal social media.

ONE: Empower

The full statement from Cleveland reads as follows: “Wish I wasn’t making this post😢🙈, I’m no longer fighting Sept 3rd. Got all my medicals done for the fight, but I have been experiencing really bad dizziness for the past month. It got to the point where it affected me for 4 days and I literally just had to sit in a position not to spin. Was waiting for my brain Mri and it gave me some information I need to get myself checked out. Been seeing professional Pt and a doctor and now have a neurologist appointment 🙌🏾.”

Grace Cleveland

“I pray it’s good news and has nothing to do with my prior spinal/neck injury. So far one doctor says it may be BPPV (vertigo), which is treatable. Going (to) get a couple (of) opinions because I think when it comes to medical and health, it’s best to get more than one. Other than this issue I felt great physically and mentally; accomplishing a lot in my life. I’m devastated though because I got the call to perform on OneChampionship. The best promotion in martial art and I could not perform my best due to this. My coaches believe it was the best decision and I trust them 💯.”

“In the end, I’m reminded that health is important and having a daughter now, I can’t be selfish and put myself in a dangerous position. I apologize to everyone and the promotion. I honestly was tearing up and told myself why am I even fighting if this keeps happening to me. Got in my head and a bit in a funk with myself, but I have amazing support to remind me how strong I am and that I know I can overcome anything. Just have to be patient. I’m sorry to my opponents. I will gladly fight them when I get this resolved and perform my best! 🙏🏽”

ONE Championship

ONE Championship initially had Grace Cleveland set to fight Jenelyn Olsim in a few day’s time. This bout was solidified at ONE: Battleground III when Olsim bested Bi Nguyen via unanimous decision.

The promotion announces the Olsim versus Cleveland alterate bout being off ONE: Empower in a recent social media post.

ONE Atomweight Grand Prix

Cleveland’s ONE: Empower bout would mark her first fighting foray in the ONE Circle.

The 5-0 pro-MMA fighter will now have to wait a bit. The KOTC and SCL veteran looks to take her eight-fight win streak, dating back to amateur competition, into the ONE Championship atomweight field sooner than later.

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