High Rollerz: “War Games” in 60 seconds!

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Music by DJ Khaled Feat. Lil Baby & Lil Durk – “Every Chance I Get”

Video edit(s) by: Shane Pierce and filmed by Adam Crist for MyMMANews.com

As martial arts continue to evolve, so does modern medicine. With cannabis prohibition being beaten into submission in the United States state by state, High Rollerz Jiu-Jitsu has surely set precedence for pro-cannabis athletes. Choking out the age-old stigma that criticizes cannabis users as “lazy stoners.”

Like UFC commentator, analyst, comedian, and cannabis enthusiast, Joe Rogan once said: “It’s a renewable resource,” He exclaims. “How egregious making it illegal is. It’s one of the most amazing plants we’ve ever discovered. You can make your house out of it. You can f*cking eat it. You can get high with it. You can make your clothes with it. It has all of the amino acids. You can use it for heating oil,” Rogan rants. Continuing, “You can treat cancer patients with it. It helps reduce tumor size! It helps a host of different diseases!”

High Rollerz has made a huge splash in the world of combat sports. Hosting a mere 10 events thus far (as of this release). You can see combat sports elites such as Jorge Masvidal, Nick and Nate Diaz, and many other notable combat sports figures passing through on any given day. Big Lonn, Mighty Matt, and their team have truly upgraded over time; operating out of their own fully renovated High Rollerz HQ venue, in Las Vegas, Nevada, where they host their Jiu-Jitsu and Smokerz events, with plenty of big plans in the near future.

On November 13th, High Rollerz dubbed their 9th event, “War Games,” a competition for practitioners of all military branches to unite, medicate and compete. The event itself was surely one to remember. The crew of High Rollerz has invited MyMMANews/MyMMArijuanaChronicles to many events in the past and we were finally able to make good on their invite for War Games!

MyMMANews and MyMMArijuanaChronicles have supported High Rollerz and its mission statement since their inaugural event. Be it sharing content, interviewing promoters, “Big” Lonn Howard, “Mighty” Matt Staudt as well as several of their world-class competitors, the vibe stays consistent. All of their athletes are driven, dedicated practitioners of martial arts who consume cannabis for their own particular purposes. And they compete at the highest of levels (pun intended).

Tune in above to catch a recap of MyMMArijuanaChronicles heads to the city of sin, Las Vegas, Nevada for an unforgettable night of amazing cannabis and Jiu-Jitsu matches. Given the door is always open to supporters, you never know who may pop into HR at any given time!

And be sure to check out High Rollerz: War Games on their YouTube channel now!

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Adam Crist
Currently studying Broadcast Journalism at Wilmington University, Adam’s passion for the sport only grows stronger when a fighter’s voice can be heard. He thrives on asking detailed questions to inspire the thoughts behind the punches in hopes that each fighter can find their proper justice. Specializing in pre and post fight interviews for MyMMANews, Adam strives to keep the fight fans up to speed with the most recent and authentic MMA news possible. He is Co-promoter of Delaware’s premier kick-boxing and Muay Thai organization, IBF Promotions. Recently he has also accompanied MMA organizations Global Proving Ground and XCC as Co-host and ringside commentator.