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Anatoly Malykhin Offers Possible Reason Why Bhullar Didn’t Accept Rumored Fight: ‘I Think He Does Have Some Fear’

Anatoly Malykhin is ready to prove that he’s the best in the world. While ONE Championship doesn’t yet have heavyweight rankings out yet, Malykhin is thought to be next in line for the title shot against newly crowned champion Arjun Bhullar. But Bhullar and ONE Championship couldn’t come to an agreement on their proposed December 3rd date according to Malykhin.

Malykhin says that if he were the champion, he would be doing things a little different from Bhullar. He believes that a champion should be ready at all times to prove that he’s the best against whoever is next.

“If you’re the champion, in the best league in the world, that’s an entirely different responsibility. You have to be prepared to prove that you’re the best. If you’re not prepared to prove that you’re the best, if you’re rescheduling fights – from my understanding, he has no injuries, no illness – he’s just rescheduling fights because he said I’m not ready at this date, even though everyone knew about this fight in advance. And he knew that, when I beat Amir Aliakbari, that I would be the next contender.”

Anatoly Malykhin isn’t a fan of Bhullar and says that he’s hoping to show the fans what a real champion does.

“He’s not a professional. Professionals don’t do this. If he manages to gain the courage in January, he’ll get payback for his escape from the chicken.”

Anatoly Malykhin on being a real champion

Malykhin says that Bhullar is scared to fight but doesn’t believe that is all that uncommon among fighters.

“Well, the man’s record is 10-1, right, in the best organization in the world, champion at ONE Championship. I think he does have some fear in him. Of course, everyone gets nervous before fights.”

Malykhin also alleges that Bhullar possibly doesn’t want to fight. And if that be the case, he says the division must move on.

“But maybe there’s something more to it here. Maybe he doesn’t want to fight anymore. Maybe he just wants to run away. But if you have those kinds of thoughts, just leave the belt. Leave the belt, and we’ll perform and bring glory to ONE Championship.”

He continues to call for a decision from Arhun Bhullar. If he doesn’t want to fight, he needs to vacate says Malykhin.

“If you’re not ready to bear the incredible weight of a championship belt, just leave it peacefully, and we’ll deal with the rest, and find a champion that is worthy of that belt, one that will bring glory to ONE Championship.”

As for the future, he doesn’t know if Bhullar will ever take the fight. “I don’t know, we’ll see, we’ll see. I think he must find the courage and bravery to take on this fight.”

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