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Holly Hill Media working to make life easier for Dylan Budka

I met Drake Jiminez through professional mixed martial artist “the Mindless Hulk” Dylan Budka.  Budka has been hammering his way to the top of the regional rankings in the middleweight division and has one fight left on his LFA contract.  The future looks very bright for the Ohio wrestler who has a ton of personality to go along with the talent and inherited work ethic.  Jiminez owns Holly Hill Media which he started in 2020.  Budka struck up a relationship with Drake, and now the two move forward together as Holly Hill Media represents the MMA fighter and tries to make life as less complicated as possible for the 23-year-old budding star.

Jiminez and I sat down for a little chat to see what his future plans were and how he came to be involved in combat sports.  He tells MyMMANews

“I was born into a military and mixed martial arts loving family.  Ultimately Dylan and I connected in 2021.   He actually reached out to Holly Hill for a sponsorship.  One thing led to another.  We got together. We sat down and we clicked. Never competed myself, but been taking Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for the last two years.  We started out as his marketing manager.  A year later he we took over as his full-time management company.”

Please check out our video on the link above.

Jiminez is planning on expanding into North Carolina and is also looking to add more fighters to his stable.  He may be new to the game, but he has a strong supporter in Budka, who is a great follow on social media. Dylan is hoping to have breaking fight news soon, but also says that he’s having a hard time finding someone to sign their name on that contract.

MyMMANews covers regional combat sports like no other. We will be talking to “the Mindless Hulk” once he has his next fight lined up.

Holly Hill Media working to make life easier for Dylan Budka

Holly Hill Media working to make life easier for Dylan Budka

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