How COVID-19 is impacting the MMA community

How COVID-19 is impacting the MMA community

Covid-19 has already affected people and industries from all around the world. The sports industry has been one of the most impacted, with numerous events being canceled indefinitely. The same situation occurs in the MMA community, with both industry and fighters feeling the consequences.

Possible Cases

The coronavirus has already shown us its lethal potential. However, the MMA participators don’t belong in the risk group and most of them have healthy life habits. That being said, it is hard to imagine that fighters with a strong immune system and level of resistance could suffer from the virus. According to the studies, the most endangered groups are smokers and those with respiratory issues.

Looking now at MMA fighters’ traits, we can conclude that most of them are between 18-35 age and they typically have healthy lifestyles, without smoking and similar. Another element that confirms their good state is obligatory health check before each fight. It means that fighters who are actively included in the rounds are in a good medical situation, which is confirmed by the expert staff.

Regular Postponements

As we already mentioned, the entire sports industry is facing a collapse with the spread of Covid-19. Just in Colorado, a number of matches have been canceled. You can check additional delays on online gambling MI sites. It means that dozens of fighters are suffering financially with the postponement given that they receive payment only after matches.

If you do not know how things work in the MMA industry, here is a short explanation.  Most fighters are not capable to live from their matches. It means that they engage in the side job to cover all substantial living costs. Younger fighters are mainly working in bars and restaurants, which have also suffered from the lockdown.

Before the fight period, MMA professionals focus on preparation in order to perform at the highest level. However, being in the best form and practice is not that easy for them. It requires both regular training and the process of recovery. During the preparations in camps, fighters can also face additional costs including those related to getting the condition, covering gym fees, visiting nutritionist, getting the correct physical therapy as well as passing the medical tests. And we forgot to mention travel costs and additional expenses for coaching and the entire management

Regular Struggle

So, how they face all these financial and mental problems during the Covid-19? The current situation doesn’t affect only fighters but entire families. Most MMA professionals have made a success in the industry thanks to ongoing efforts and visits to the gym. Having regular training and a safe lifestyle is something that keeps the fighters consistent and mentally strong. In addition to it, MMA fighters have their practicing partners and coaches which is another positive element to their health.

However, all these are now affected by the Covid-19 outbreak and even the gyms closed their doors for people. The closure will have additional effects on their health state, with more fighters facing mental problems. And it can be an outburst to potential violence and stress.

Official Reactions

Speaking about the problems of the UFC industry, president Dana White expressed his concerns about the future of the whole sector. The spread of coronavirus has affected not only the biggest competitions such as UFC or Bellator MMA but also the regional contests and you can check it on PA gambling sites. Dany added that effects may not be immediately seen, but they will be clear in the years to follow. For this reason, the UFC president is struggling to activate as many regional shows as possible to allow young talents to show their skills.

As a reminder, the first UFC player which have been tested positive is Lyman Good, aka “Cyborg”. The fighter has already recovered after spending some time in quarantine and he is already back to training routine. His practicing partners were not affected by Covid-19 virus.

Final Word

As we can see, the MMA industry and officials are fighting to keep the sector alive. Things are regularly changing and we can only wait for the better days and reactivation of sports and popular fight events.

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