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How the Ability to Bet In Play is Transforming Boxing Betting

Boxing is a sport that many people place a wager on, as well as being fans of the sport and enjoying the action. The way we bet on boxing matches has changed a lot over the past couple of decades, but perhaps the biggest change of all is one that has been introduced recently.

This is the creation of in play betting, and the use of it in boxing. Some won’t have used or discovered it yet, but there will be people out there who have seen their boxing betting transform because of it.

If you can read a fight, and you can judge what is going to happen next then you are going to be the perfect type of boxing fan for in play betting.

What is In Play Betting and How to Use It?

Traditionally, when placing your bets on sport you did so before the start of an event. The competitiveness between online sports betting sites is so great that new betting features needed to be created.

In play betting is one of them, instead of betting before things start, you bet during the event which puts a whole new perspective on things.

The idea here is that you can watch the fight and judge what is happening in real time. This is instead of using the form book, using old fights and sometimes trying to work out a bet based on things that happened over a year ago.

From watching the opening round, or maybe more, you should be able to get a feel for the fight, how both fighters look and where you want to place your bets based on that.

The Timing of Your In Play Bets

When it comes to in play betting, the timing of your bet is absolutely crucial and without getting this right, you risk either getting no value at all, or missing out on placing your wager because the fight is over before you bet.

For example, on the recent Canelo Alvarez v Callum Smith card, we saw a fight between Austin Williams and Isiah Jones.

Anyone looking to watch the first part of this fight before betting would have been left without a wager on the bout. Williams knocked out Jones in the first round of the fight, before anyone would have had the time to gauge their opinion.

Timing is also crucial for the odds you take. Here is another example: bet in the 4th round and you would receive odds at that moment based on how the fight is going. However, let’s say that your boxer knocks down his opponent in the 5th round, anyone betting after that would receive far lower odds than you took.

It is a fine balance, and one that in play gamblers need to work on but betting at the right moment can be a huge positive for your betting.

The Future of Boxing Betting

We are going to see some very big boxing events take place in 2021, hopefully headlined by the much spoken about Anthony Joshua v Tyson Furth matchup.

With so many events, boxing betting is going to be in the spotlight, and therefore, so is in play boxing betting.

Many punters could find themselves trying this for the first time, and with so many betting markets and opportunities in play, this could be the year when more people than ever before move across to in play betting on boxing.

This could really transform gambling on the sport as we know it now, a big change, but a positive one for many people.


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