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Invicta FC 43: King vs. Harrison Results

Invicta FC 43: King vs. Harrison Results

Invicta FC 43 had taken a lot of hits leading up to fight night but if martial arts has shown anyone anything, it’s how to survive. Friday, Invicta FC announced the event would now feature 2019 PFL Lightweight Champion, Kayla Harrison versus Courtney King in a featherweight main event. This was Harrison’s chance to get a fight this year and test herself in the 145-pound weight class.

Harrison made it clear when the PFL postponed the 2020 season that she could not wait on the PFL to continue her career, so this fight was the answer to keep her active. King was riding a three-fight win-streak with two of those wins coming by way of submission. The card may be shorter than when it was announced but the fights were still a lot fun.

The event took place Friday, Nov. 20, with the entire card streaming live on UFC Fight Pass at 8 p.m. EST. As always, MyMMANews has the results here:

Juliana Miller vs. Kendal Holowell

Miller was seemingly in trouble against Holowell when Holowell seemed insistent on taking her to the ground. However, once Miller saw that an arm was up for grabs in every sense of the word, she was able to secure the submission about halfway through round 1.

Alexa Culp vs. Meaghan Penning

The first round showed Culp was taking advantage of her reach which made Penning go for a takedown almost all of round one. Once Culp got used to Penning’s wrestling she eventually reversed the attempt and had Penning on the ground until the end of the round.

A slip in round two saved Penning the trouble of a takedown and she pounced on Culp when she fell. Culp would defend her back long enough to turn into Penning’s guard and fire away punches. The referee would eventually stand them up to have the round end on the feet. It was seemingly one round a piece at this point with a 19-19 score shown according to the open scoring used during the event.

Round three had Culp go for the takedown so she could be the one dictating what happened on the ground. Culp again spent most of the round in Penning’s guard landing shots. Penning had a near armbar but Culp was able to shake it off and finish from the top. While Culp was on top for much of the fight, Penning’s busy offense won the judges over and she got the win. All judges scored it 29-28 for Penning.

Brittney Cloudy vs. Hope Chase

Round one had a very intense Chase exchange strikes with Cloudy where Cloudy was able to land a lot of right hands that opened a cut up on Chase. Chase seemed to force the action with blitzing strikes to get to a clinch and even got Cloudy to the ground at one point. Cloudy took advantage of a somersault guard pass attempted by Chase to get the fight back to the feet where the round ended.

Round two had Chase blitz again with strikes to get the clinch and force the fight to the ground where she gave up her back. Chase was able to scramble out and force Cloudy against the fence to work a submission attempt of her own. She eventually took the back of Cloudy and sunk in a choke to win the fight.

Stephanie Geltmacher vs. Caitlin Sammons

Geltmacher looked to impose her wrestling on Sammons as soon as the fight began. Surprisingly enough, while trying to wrestle, the referee separated the fighter from the cage to start again in the center. When they re-engaged, a fake for a takedown would hide a powerful right that would end the fight in the first round.

Courtney King vs. Kayla Harrison

King oddly closed the distance against Harrison which, not surprisingly allowed Harrison to toss King to the ground. Harrison landed an elbow in King’s guard that cut her so bad she bled badly until the end of round, even when defending an armbar from Harrison.

Round two had Harrison impose her judo on King and get her to the ground again. Even when stood back up by the referee, she tossed King back to the ground right away and did more of the same. She landed more strikes that opened up the cut again and with the onslaught not stopping, the referee had to stop the fight, adding another win to Harrison’s resume.

Invicta FC 43 Results

Kayla Harrison defeats Courtney King via TKO at 4:48 of round 2

Stephanie Geltmacher defeats Caitlin Sammons via knock out at 4:28 of round 1

Hope Chase defeats Brittney Cloudy via submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:37 of round 2

Meaghan Penning defeats Alexa Culp via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Juliana Miller defeats Kendal Holowell via submission (armbar) at 2:49 of round 1

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