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Involving children in smack talk – Fair or Going Too Far?

Involving children in smack talk – Fair or Going Too Far?

Smack talk has always and will forever be a part of the sports game.  No matter what the sport, players at odds offer words of distaste to one another.

Reasoning may vary.  Some do it to psych the opponent out, some do it because they really dislike the person or team they are competiting against.

But when does the trash talk go to far?  Some say family is always off limits because emotions run high and then bad things happen.  Far too often family has no involvement in the rivalry but are dragged into a nasty war of words that leaves victims hurt.

After Alexander Gustafsson pulled out of his title rematch with Jones, challenger Daniel Cormier stepped up. The two reignited a Twitter argument and Jones posted a video of his daughter saying “D.C. my dad is gonna beat you up, Guaranteed.”

While nothing was said (yet) about UFC champion Jon Jones’ daughter from Daniel Cormier or his camp, the greatest light heavyweight in the sport, left the door open for others.  Some fans have gone off and called this poor little girl some very nasty names.

Why involve her at all?

Jones was probably trying to be cute or funny with his antics however it might have been the right thing to do.  Does it teach bad sportsmanship at a young age?  Maybe, maybe not. Either way he probably should have left his daughter out of the equation.

Cormier vs. Jones goes down in Las Vegas, Saturday, September 27.


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