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Jazzy Gabert: Was hoping to fight Gabi Garcia, but unfortunately someone didn’t sign the contract

Marie Kristin “Jazzy” Gabert is professional wrestler better known by the ring names “Alpha Female” and “Jazzy Gabert.”

Jazzy Gabert
Jazzy Gabert

Gabert is best known for her performances in World Wonder Ring Stardom and TNA Impact Wrestling but last year the 34-year old Berlin, Germany native turned to mixed martial arts where she currently holds a 1-0 professional MMA record.

Standing at 6’1″ tall and weighing in at 185-pounds, Gabert made headlines on New Year’s Eve when after Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ace Gabi Garcia defeated Yumiko Hotta at RIZIN 4, Gabert entered the ring and challenged Garcia to a fight.

We caught up with the two-sport superstar before she makes her RIZIN Fighting Federation debut April 16, at the Yokohama Arena in Japan.

Gabert talks about her transition to MMA, upcoming opponent, Gabi Garcia, and more.

MyMMANews – You are fighting Reina Miura on the upcoming RIZIN fight card. You obviously have the professional wrestling background, you’ve been doing it for a number of years for various organizations around the world, but will training for competition in MMA be your new focus and drive? Will pro wrestling take a back seat to MMA?

Jazzy Gabert – “It’s difficult. I still love pro wrestling and I get many offers, but at the moment I have to take them down as the MMA training is very intense and I put my whole focus on it for now. In wrestling its not important if you win or lose, but with MMA its different, therefore its hard for me to make a plan. I will do the April 16th fight and will see from there on.”

MyMMANews – You are coming off a TKO win over Manuela Kuhse in October. Then in December on the New Year’s card in Japan, Gabi Garcia was victorious in her fight and you entered the ring to challenge her to a fight. What happened or didn’t happen that resulted in a fight with Garcia being passed over, and you now taking on Miura?

JG – “I was hoping for a fight against Gabi Garcia, but unfortunately someone didn’t sign the contract. For me personally its ok, now I can show the Japanese fans what I’m made off, so they are more excited when we finally meet in the ring.”

Video below: Jazzy Gabert challenges Gabi Garcia – Dec. 31, 2016

MyMMANews – You have trained with UFC Veteran Peter Sobotta. Is he still your primary coach for MMA? If so, how are things going and what have you been focusing on since transitioning from professional wrestling?

JG – “I have different trainers at Planet Eater. Peter is my head coach, but he is preparing for is upcoming UFC fight and has been in Thailand for training. Right now he is in Abu Dhabi, one of our teammates is fighting at Brave. Peter is in his corner and he will be in my corner too. I’m training with Nenad Avramovic, Paul and Dima Götte. Every single one is pushing me to my limit. We working on the basics and improving my punching power.”

Rizin 2017 from YokohamaMyMMANews – You are going to have a size advantage over your opponent Reina Miura, but she too is very new to the sport of mixed martial arts. What are some of your keys to victory for this fight? Things that you feel you need to do, things you need to stay away from, in order to win?

JG – “I think that King Reina is very hungry, determined. She has a judo background and loves armbars. Therefore I have to use my advantage for distance, stay away from the armbar and use my advantage.”

MyMMANews – You are a native of Germany. Since the birth of mixed martial arts competition there have been fighters who have competed out of the country, but none have really made a big name for themselves. Do you feel that you have the potential to become the first major MMA star from Germany? Also, in your opinion how can the sport gain more popularity there?

JG – “It would be great if i can leave my footprints and be a fighter that stands out. I’m not really into pride of nationality as I didn’t chose where I was born. I think this is a overrated subject. I’m human, born on this planet, that’s all what counts. Regarding how can the sport gain more popularity not only in Germany but in general, I think we must educate the people way more, the idea of MMA in the heads of the common people is that this sport is brutal and dangerous and we need to work hard to get that out of their head. I think its a very beautiful sport! This sport teach discipline and respect, it teaches how to work with your body and mind! It keeps you in Balance and makes you become a better human being. What is not to love about this sport?”

MyMMANews – Lastly, any sponsors you want to give a shout out to? Any teammates or coaches you want to thank? Any social media sites you want to plug?

JG – “Thank you for taking the time reading this interview, showing interest in me, Jazzy Gabert. If you want to find out more about me, you can find me on social media and www.alpha-female.de
Thank you to myprotein.com for the support, thank you to the team of Planet Eater.”

Gabert vs. Reina will be contested at 90 kilograms (roughly 198 pounds). Below is the most current RIZIN 2017 from Yokohama fight card.

RIZIN 2017 from Yokohama fight card
RIZIN 2017 from Yokohama fight card