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Jeremiah Sierra: “I’m going to break him mentally first”

Interview with Jeremiah Sierra above

This Saturday October 16th, Stellar Fights will make history, invading Salisbury Maryland for the promotions first ever, all-professional fight card. Headlined by Jeremiah “La Aguila” Sierra who takes on Mike Otwell, Stellar Fights also brings some of the nation’s top fighters to the east coast as a plethora of talent throws down under one roof of the Civic Center.

The co-main event of the evening will be a featherweight matchup between Alex “Hurricane” Cruz taking on Kevin Chung. With so many notable names on the bill such as Ryan Cafaro, Matt Hicks, Luke Staley and Matt Skibicki, Stellar Fights 47 is trending to be the promotions biggest event to date.

Jeremiah “La Aguila” Sierra will take flight across the country, making his way from Alaska to take on the hometown favorite and Stellar Fights vet, Mike Otwell.

“I decided not to look him up this time” Sierra says about his impending matchup. Previously noting he’s had a habit of looking up past opponents and dissecting their strategy too much in preparation to fight night. Sierra has opted to focus on his own game, more-so than his opponents game.

“Hopefully his cardio is good! That’s what I want,” Sierra insists. “I think I’m going to break him mentally first. I don’t want to finish fast. That’s the thing, I want to finish the fight obviously and if the opportunity presents itself, I’m going to take him out,” Sierra assures. “But I’m going to take my time in this fight,” he emphasizes. “I want to sit there and actually showcase some of the things that I haven’t been able to showcase. That’s why I want him to have cardio. Because if he doesn’t have cardio, it’s going to be a terrible, slow, slow death for him,” he predicts for his upcoming opponent, Mike Otwell.

Tune in above as Jeremiah “La Aguila” Sierra joins MyMMANews ahead of his Stellar Fights 47 matchup against hometown favorite, Mike Otwell. Sierra talks mistakes he’s corrected ahead of this bout; he breaks down how he plans to take out Otwell and so much more!

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