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Joe Rogan leans towards Demetrious Johnson as the GOAT of MMA

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan leans towards former UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson as being the GOAT of MMA.

Rogan has been around MMA for over two decades, so he has had a first-hand view of many of the greatest fighters of all time competing inside the Octagon from his spot in the commentary booth. Over the years, he’s seen the likes of a prime Jon Jones, a prime Anderson Silva, a prime Georges St-Pierre, and many more of the greatest MMA fighters of all time compete inside the Octagon. However, none of those men are the GOAT of MMA, according to Rogan, who says it’s Johnson.

Speaking on the Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson podcast, Rogan was asked who the GOAT is in MMA. While it’s a difficult question to answer, Rogan pointed to “Mighty Mouse” as his GOAT pick.

“It’s hard to say, but it might have been Mighty Mouse. When he was in his prime, he was so magnificent, he was so fast, and he was doing things that you couldn’t believe that he was doing. He hit (Ray Borg) with a suplex, and caught him with an armbar on the way down. He body-dumped this guy, and in the process of taking him to the ground, got him in an armbar,” Rogan said (h/t “When he was in his prime, he was fighting world-caliber competition and they weren’t even hitting him. He was moving on angles that they didn’t expect, he was feinting them and shooting for takedowns, he was kicking them in the head when they thought he was going to throw a takedown. He was hitting people with wizard sh*t.”

Do you agree with Joe Rogan that Demetrious Johnson is the GOAT in MMA, or do you think someone else is at the top of the GOAT list?

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