UFC lightweight Johnny Case sustains gruesome injury in training

UFC lightweight Johnny Case sustains gruesome injury in training

UFC lightweight fighter Johnny Case has sustained yet another unfortunate eye injury.

Case, who trains at the MMA Lab in Glendale, Arizona says that he was holding pads for another fighter when a kick was throw high rather than to the body.

“His big toe full on raped my eye socket,” Case said.

Case posted photos of the injury on Facebook and provided the following details:

“Just left the specialist to check for detached retina, thankfully it’s not completely detached. Will have to go back after the lid heals to check for retinal tears. Headed to plastic surgeon right now to stitch the lid closed.”

Back in 2014, just days after Case signed his initial UFC contract and accepted a fight offer, he was pulled from the matchup due to failing his pre-fight medicals required by the UFC and state athletic commissions to receive a license to compete.

“I was out there helping Jeremy (Stephens) getting ready for his fight, training hard and everything was looking good and they gave me the chance to fight (Joe) Ellenberger and I was super pumped as you could imagine. I was in shape and ready to fight and then they told me I got pulled from the physical with my eye being messed up and that was really depressing, really devastating to me, and it just sucked really bad,” Case told FOX Sports. “I just moped around for a week. Everything just felt like a big build up to nothing.”

“They discovered I had a torn retina actually in my left eye. I’m not sure when I got it, but after my last fight I kind of noticed some bright flashing light (an October 2013 fight for RFA) in my peripheral vision. It happened like four or five days after the fight and I just kind of wrote it off and thought it was a concussion because I did take a pretty good knee in that fight. My eyes weren’t blurry and there was no cloudy vision and then it went away and I just kind of forgot about it,” Case said.

Then once again in a June 2015 fight against Francisco Trevino, Case would once again sustain an eye injury.  He battled through an early eye poke that made it nearly impossible for the fighter to see.

Case says that today’s injury is not on the eye that required a previous surgery.

UPDATE:  Case states that it took 13 stitches to close the wound.

Below are photos of the most recent eye injury sustained by Johnny Case:

Johnny Case eye injury Johnny Case eye injury

Johnny Case eye injury Johnny Case eye injury

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