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Johnny Walker says he won’t be scared to fight Jon Jones when time comes

Jon Jones is arguably the greatest fighter of all-time. He has reigned supreme over the light heavyweight division for years now and frankly looks unstoppable.

Another light heavyweight who has looked unstoppable is that of promising prospect Johnny Walker. The Brazilian has only had three UFC fights but has won all three by first round knockout. In his debut, he knocked out Khalil Rountree Jr in just 1:57, then he followed that by a 15 second knockout of Justin Ledet and a 36 second knockout of Misha Cirkunov. There is no doubt Walker is a promising name in the light heavyweight division.

However, he still needs more fights before he gets a shot at Jones for the belt, but he is confident he will give Jones a good fight. As well, when the Octagon door closes he will not be scared to fight Jones, rather he is looking forward to it.

“I hope [to] fight against him… Not soon, I need more fights,” Walker told TMZ Sports. “There are guys who deserve the fight more than me. But I need to beat three, four more guys. This will give me more experience and I’ll be ready for Jon Jones.

“I think when [people] fight against Jon Jones, people [are] a little bit scared or respect him too much, you know? And when I fight against him, he’s a nice guy but when closes the door in the Octagon, no respect, no fear, no nothing. Only I go and fight.”

For the fight to happen both fighters may have to win two more fights which is easier said than done. But, if that does happen Walker is ready for his shot and ready to hear ‘And New.’

“My friend, you know I can give you a proper fight,” Walker said. “I’m not scared, we will have a dance together.”

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