Jose 'Shorty' Torres

Jose ‘Shorty’ Torres battling ‘fair share of anxiety’ during COVID-19

I am not sure if we are turning a corner during this pandemic yet or not. A shred of bright light is UFC 249 will, currently, proceed on April 18 with slight modifications to the card. Still the majority of the news still focuses on what this lockdown has done to fighters and promotions alike. Friday, Jose ‘Shorty’ Torres joined me while we talked about maybe a lesser-discussed aspect of COVID-19.

Most of us are working from home, if we are working at all. Luckily, the majority of people I know are surrounded by family, room mates, pets, etc. But there is a group of people who are getting hit hardest during this time. It is probably the truest form of isolation that exists and Torres is right there in the thick of it.

Torres, a Chicago native, currently resides in the American Top Team complex in Florida. Normally, Torres would be wrestling, grappling and sparring with some of the world’s best talent in MMA. Today, however, he finds himself confined above the gym in between workouts though his training regiment hasn’t changed much.

“I wouldn’t say it changed horribly much,” Torres stated.

“I’m doing the exact same thing. I’m waking up, going downstairs, working out, and coming upstairs. Eating a cheat meal and then going back downstairs,” Torres explained.

Torres, known for being light-hearted and very public, still tries to keep a positive outlook by providing training videos he posts on social media.

“I’m just having some fun with it, trying to stay as positive as possible,” Torres continued.

However, Torres does get interaction during this down time. He talked about how huge a role his manager, Lex McMahon, has played in having social interaction and inviting Torres to his house and how McMahon’s family has embraced Torres during the pandemic. Still, Torres will always keep things positive and gave us all a bit of advice dealing with this time of angst.

“Trying to stay active is huge,” Torres started.

“I do battle my fair share of anxiety and depression, I believe, like everyone else. Especially during this quarantine time where you’re alone you’re pretty much by yourself the entire time. Your demons take over and have a little too much fun in there. It’s one of those things that I learned to just get out, go to a window. look out side and see the sunlight. Let something touch you and kind of feel that world is still real,” he finished.

With few professional MMA companies still providing events, it’s hard to know when we will see Torres back in the cage. But you can bet that he will be back to his old self, with a bit more help than usual, from weight-management specialist, Lou Giordano.


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