Karate Combat is Getting Easier to Watch

Karate Combat is Getting Easier to Watch

It will get a lot easier to watch Karate Combat if you own a Smart TV. The karate-based promotion that offers unique backdrops to full-contact karate events has partnered with Vewd, the world’s largest Smart TV OTT software provider, connecting consumers anywhere to the content they love. This partnership will add Karate Combat’s app and content on Vewd-enabled devices worldwide.

Vewd is used on many top brands such as Samsung, and TiVo. While Karate Combat is available on some subscription-based platforms, events have always been available to watch on their app, website and on YouTube. In the current landscape of streaming options, having Karate Combat readily available to watch on a device you likely already consume combat sports on should make for a nice option for fight fans.

Kim Hurwitz, Chief Marketing Officer of Karate Combat said in a press release, “Knowing we’re available on the top Smart TV brands’ devices is incredible.” Karate Combat’s rule set and pit design forces action in the way they present karate to audiences. Adding that to holding events in unique locations like atop the Freedom Tower in New York City and the ancient Zappeion Courtyard in Athens, Greece has made for some entertaining fights.

Michael Winneker, VP of Content Partnerships for Vewd said, “By working with us, Karate Combat can worry less about managing Smart TV apps, and focus on growing engagement, usage, and revenue through some of the most entertaining, action-packed OTT content available today.”

This year, the promotion has challenger matches that will determine a champion for the fighter that wins their first ever, “Golden Belt”, the first was held in Hollywood, California in January of this year and more events are coming. If Karate Combat has not caught in with you yet, the partnership with Vewd is only making their events more accessible in 2019.

Check out their past events on their official website.

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