Ketlen Vieira

Ketlen Vieira takes close decision victory over Miesha Tate at UFC Vegas 43

The Ultimate Fighting Championship returns to the Apex Center in Las Vegas, Nevada once again tonight, November 20, 2021, for UFC Vegas 43, headlined by former Strikeforce & UFC women’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate, who faces No. 7 ranked Ketlen Vieira in the main event of the evening.

Official Result: Ketlen Vieira def. Miesha Tate via unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 49-46)

Round 1

Vieira lands a nice left hook early on, though Tate ate it and got her own attacks going.

It was a relatively stagnant round, up until Tate pressed Vieira into the fence, looking for a grappling exchange. The round ends with Vieira in on a shot, which Tate beautifully stuffs.

Round 2

Tate starts ramping it up in the second, though still nothing much is doing. She did land a good right hand, which was returned by Vieira about five seconds later, and Tate landed a nice upkick to the chin of Vieira, though the Brazilian remained unfazed.

Round 3

This is a very close fight, as the two women continue going blow for blow on the feet.

Round 4

Tate secures a momentary takedown and has a good amount of cage time in the fourth, though a little over half of it is spent at striking range, where Tate has landed more, but it’s been quite even, and here’s why.

Vieira has landed slightly more strikes to the head, while Tate has landed more strikes, but it’s been a much more diverse attack.

Round 5

The fifth looks very much like the third, with both women striking to the end, and honestly, it’s anybody’s guess.

This was a very close fight, but one thing was proven tonight, and that’s that Miesha Tate still has a lot of fight in her.

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